Samsung Presents Growth & Innovation in the Wearables Device Market


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Join San Francisco Women in Tech for an Exclusive Wearables Event with Samsung!

This event will take place on Wednesday, August 22nd from 5:00pm to 9:00pm at the Microsoft Reactor address 680 Folsom Street, Suite 145 San Francisco, CA 94107 b/t Hampton Pl & 3rd St SoMa, Financial District. Doors open at 5:00pm

Attendees will have access to food, beverage, networking and a mini pavilion of Samsung Top Partners and Samsung Business Teams.

The event will start at 6:30pm with a panel session followed by wearables presentations, technical insights, product demonstrations and a discussion on business opportunities with Samsung in the wearables space. Attendees can expect to:

- See what’s new with Samsung in the wearable space
- Hear from a panel of experts on trending topics in the health and wearables space
- Get hands on with the latest Samsung wearable devices
- Share your insights and use cases with wearables
- Meet some of Samsung’s top partners in wearables
- Learn about business opportunities with Samsung in wearables
- Network with Product Teams, Business Development Teams and the Samsung Developer Program
- Here about this year’s Samsung Developer Conference SDC2019 – Win Your Free Pass!
- Meet with Samsung Talent Team and learn about career opportunities at Samsung
- Samsung Raffle
- Samsung Swag

Panel: Wearables Technology in Healthcare

Natalie Schneider [masked]
Natalie Schneider is the Vice President Digital Health for Samsung Electronics America, responsible for shaping Samsung’s digital health business in the US and helping to reinvent how care is delivered through technology.

Jeffrey Cooper [masked]
Jeff Cooper is a Senior Business Development Manager at Samsung. He has worked in the mobile space for over 20 years and is focused on interactions of various devices with each other, heavily focused on the fitness and health area in wearables, and has a background in B2B as well. He’s worked with many key app developers and is deeply embedded with the fitness industry in particular.

Stay tuned: Confirming two more panelist

Samsung Evangelist: Meet Samsung Evangelist & Partner Support Engineers

Cristian Lewczyk | [masked]

Cristian Lewczyk is a Senior Partner Support Engineer at Samsung, with a focus on the Galaxy Watch and other wearable Tizen products. Cristian has years of embedded programming experience, and uses his programming skills to assist companies developing wearable applications and doing community outreach events to support Samsung’s products. Outside of the office, Cristian can usually be found outdoors either running or hiking through Northern California’s many trails."

Samsung Management Team: Meet members of Samsung Business Developer and Developer Relations Team

Lori Fraleigh | [masked]

Lori Fraleigh is the Senior Director of Developer Relations at Samsung Electronics and the North American leader for the annual Samsung Developer Conference. She is an established industry thought leader in developer relations, software tools, development environments, and platforms. Lori is passionate about delivering an awesome developer experience, both in person and online. Prior to Samsung, Lori held similar roles at Intuit, Amazon/Lab126, HP/Palm and Motorola Mobility. Earlier, she led RTI’s developer tools business to a successful acquisition by Wind River. Lori started her career working on mission control software at NASA/Loral and is a Virgin Galactic Future Astronaut.

Stay tuned: Confirming soon: Additional Samsung Management Team including BD, VR, Product

Coming soon: List of Samsung Top Partners Participating

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