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WELCOME BeautiFull Earth Angel!!
So very humbled the honour to share in the beayouty of Your BEingness!!

It is with positive energies this finds you
LOVing Life.***

I am your founding angel, Rev. Roni Lipstein, Ordained High Priestess of

******************** Sanctuaire Soul's Sanctuary *******************

a Global Wisdom and Wellness CalmUnity, existing,

“......to create a micro-city, whose sole purpose is; to empower CalmUnity, ( community ) our Human and Earth School Family, with the Wisdom and Wellness of Namaste Love's Light.

A CalmUnity who thrives
on the strengths of each of her inhabitants
whilst engaging
each of their weaknesses to the point of
transformed empowerment.
A community where the “rich give to the poor” and
the unexpected always occurs."

United, We can and WE WILL transcend, transform and enlighten ALL of our Universal Family members to Life as Intended to BE:
PeaceFull LOVing BlissFull Serenity, one FantabYOUlous, Amazing, Adventurous, Party'n Journey for ALL of WE, Earth Angels Divine, living in conscious gratitude as we are living a life of our abundantly whole-istic fabyoubliss. <3

Journey the fabYOUlous adventure through our web sites, and social networks:












where you will find a plethora of free resources, tools, tips, and be gifted to see what our CalmUnity has been up to, what S3 is all about, and what we are accomplishing Together, now with the addition of Your Radiant Light of Namaste Love. :)

Those whom we shall be blissed to meet in person at one of our local "Meetup" gatherings, will be gifted a plethora of opportunities to transcend into ever grander more whole-istic examples of Self Love, through Playshops ( workshops ), CalmUnity Support Groups ( ie: a Wombyn's Group, Men's Group, Mental Health Group, Parents Group, Depression, Singles, Anger Management, etc. ), Sacred Lunar Gatherings, Meditation Circles, Satsangs, Conscious Dance Parties, and much more!
So very looking forward to embracing you in welcome *** <3

Always, all ways, existing to assist, uplift, empower, and enlighten any and all so inspired to Love their Life, to be the 'me' they love their 'self' to be, and thus, live an experience of BEingness that is one of conscious love's gratitude, what I call your "FabYouBliss", which is all~ways in service of the highest good, the highest happyness and most onederfull benefit of All, within the embrace of Namaste Love's grace.

Blissedly BE
Earth Angels Divine,
ONE HumanFamily,
One with all that is, ever was, or will BE,
collaboratively co-CREATing
our HIGHest HAPPYness manifest in our eternal NOW.* :)


Radiating LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein
Rev. Roni *

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