What we're about

R is a free, open source programming language for statistical computing, data analysis, and graphical visualization, and is increasingly used in both industry and academia. The purpose of this group is to bring Santa Barbara R users together to exchange information and ideas.

Depending on the group's interests, we might also want to expand our focus to talk about other topics related to data analysis, such as Python, GIS applications, and d3.js.

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Lunchtime lightning talks

Online event

Please join us for a short, online lunchtime lightning session.
Speakers will describe a challenge, why it is important or intriguing, and an R solution in 5mins or less.

Show and tell whilst we eat and chew on their fantastic ideas!

**The R menu**

(1) Efficientr R by @ThomasThelen on GitHub

(2) Upgrading the Santa Barbara Corpus of Spoken American English using stringr and dplyr by @kayaulai (Twitter and GitHub)

(3) A Grading Robot using rcanvas by Dave Hunter

(4) Unleashing penguins: an alternative to the iris dataset by @allison_horst (Twitter)

(5) Off-label usage of R6 class by Marcus Thomson

(yes it was tempting to list each talk as appetizer, main course etc. instead of numeration)

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[OCRUG X-Post] Virtual Data Science Hackathon

Needs a location

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