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Sapphire Backgammon Reviews "backgammon for all levels - many good players, and those with patience and willing to show new players how to play."

" the greatest company that one can wish for. A handful of us remained at the Club til nearly 11pm!"

"what a lovely group and welcoming host..."

"thanks Chris. had a good time with you and other players. The grub [food] at VQ was delicious. See ya next time"

"Once upon a time, we sat across the table from our opponent with a real backgammon board and real dice sitting between us to play with. Fun and laughter followed along with the scrambling and spinning of dice with the occasional grumble of how lucky your opponent was at throwing their lucky dice rolls. Nowadays, people don't always find the time to play face to face and the unfortunate result is playing backgammon online in from of a screen and questioning whether the dice rolls are rigged or not. Sapphire Backgammon changes this, so why not come along to a warm and welcoming environment and play real people?" Chris S.


Meetup fortnightly on Sundays at 3pm

A very warm welcome to Backgammon Lovers and those inspiring to learn and improve their game.

Sapphire Backgammon held its very first Meetup in June 2015 and we are coming up to our 130th Meetup in December 2019. Our membership is fast approaching 700 and rising. On average between 12 and 20 members attend our fortnightly meetups and last Winter we had our largest turnout of 29 backgammon lovers.

This is an established group for backgammon players of all standards - from beginners to champions, it really doesn't matter what level you are or how competitive or not that you choose to be - we have quite a selection of players, both men and women, from diverse backgrounds across the globe.

My aim is to have a laid back sociable afternoon that drifts into the evening with people who want to play backgammon in a friendly and welcoming environment. We sometimes have fun tournaments with small prizes for those with a slight competitive edge. I recently learnt how to play with the doubling cube - that mysterious object on the side of some boards.

We currently meet at VQ Euston - right next to one of Euston Square underground exits, and two minutes from Euston Warren Street underground stations where there is usually free parking available on Sundays on the accessible streets nearby. The staff at VQ - Ewa, Gabbie, George, and others - are really warm and welcoming.

Please bring your own backgammon board, however, both I and others should have our own, and I do sometimes carry a spare or two - we simply need one board between two players. We are always delighted to play on different boards that are different in size, style, feel and price and to meet the players behind their boards.

I will ask for £2 that helps me pay Meetup (yes Meetup sadly isn't free for Organisers and I pay a handsome six-monthly subscription fee) and this covers other admin costs.

We look forward to meeting and playing this enjoyable game with you soon.

Kind Regards,

Christopher :-)

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Back to the Montagu Pyke (Charing Cross Rd) on Sunday 25 October, 3pm

Hi Backgammon Lovers, Where: The Montagu Pyke, 105 - 107 Charing Cross Road, WC2H 0DT When: Sunday 25 Oct, 3pm *** SAFETY - Please read the Covid-19 and Important Notice Below *** Intro We had a brilliant turn out this evening where twelve backgammoners arrived at The Montagu with a couple of latecomers thrown in to our mix. Carole, Adnan and I stayed until last orders at 9.30pm when we left in advance of any possible crowd sprawling on to the roads. We had to again split the group - this time into two teams of six. Some people commented that the food was quite good and couldn't believe that you could purchase a buttermilk milk burger with chips and also a pint of John Smith's for 7.99. I must comment that the West End is still relatively very quiet with far fewer people compared to its pre-Covid days. Thank you to everyone for remembering to sanatise every hour or so, and following the rules when topping up your extra free cappuccino or latte. Sapphire Backgammon What makes our group special are its members and the humour and friendliness whilst playing this great social game. We welcome players of all levels - though do get in touch if you are completely new so that I may provide tutorial online youtube videos. Please encourage friends, family and acquaintances to join our group where we sometimes meet in different locations. Wetherspoon Drink and Food In order to use this venue we are expected to purchase at least one or two drinks - and possibly food - of course this is dependent on how long you wish to stay and play. This is a Wetherspoon Pub so the drinks and food are much cheaper than the majority of neighbouring pubs and bars, in fact there are few places in London that are cheaper. You can purchase several pints individually for under £3, this includes IPA for £2.29 etc. For less than £7 you can also grab a beer and a burger. Additionally a fairly decent bottle of white wine is just over a tenner ;-) Meetup Cost Sadly Meetup isn't free and charge me a handsome fee every six months - which I have had to continue paying since March. I will kindly ask for a contribution of between £2 and £3 - whatever you can afford. Bring your own Backgammon Board Please do bring your backgammon board. We love to see a variety of boards... cork, leather, wood, felt, etc. If you don't have a board no problem - however please message me via the message board. Borrowing Boards Should you borrow a board please kindly check when you’ve finished that all the chequers, dice, etc, are returned as you found it. House Rules Here's a link to Sapphire Backgammon's rules based on international tournament rules: https://www.meetup.com/Sapphire-Backgammon-In-London/pages/19477054/Sapphire_Backgammon_Local_Rules/ *** Covid-19 Safety, Masks & Table Service *** The venue has an abundance of hand sanitisers everywhere and I would ask that everyone make good use of these on your hands every hour or so. There is now table service so you can either order food and drinks via the Wetherspoon app or from one of the waiters. When leaving and entering the venue and walking around you must wear a mask. IMPORTANT NOTICE Should you feel unwell ie have a high temperature, continuous cough, and/or a loss of, or change to, your sense of smell or taste, or have within the last 14-days knowingly been close to someone with these symptoms, or have been somewhere on the quarantine list or with additional government lockdown measures in the past 14-days, please kindly DO NOT attend this event. This sadly also applies if you have a cold and flu like symptoms. PLEASE NOTE that attendance at this event is at your own risk but if you follow certain precautions and government guidelines we should all hopefully be safe. We look forward to seeing you next Sunday and do get in touch with any queries. Kind Regards, Christopher Sattaur Sapphire Backgammon Organiser[masked]

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