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Social Backgammon and Mini Tournament at The Woolf, Sunday 22 July, 3pm
Hi Backgammon Lovers, Social Backgammon & Fun Mini Tournament (lasting about two hours) at The Woolf & Whistle, Tavistock Hotel on Sun 22 July, starting at 3pm PLEASE KINDLY NOTE that the fun mini tournament is not compulsory - so if you are possibly new and/or don't wish to participate no problem, you may still join others for Social Backgammon. Fun Friendly Mini Tournament from 5pm. Details below. Backgammon Mini Fun Tournament The tournament will start at around 5pm and will be for fun. As you will read below putting money into the pot is not compulsory, I suggest that we each put £1 and the prize will be a bottle of Prosecco to the overall winner. If you don't drink you can always give this prize to a loved one or to a mate, or even share with me and others outside in the park.. let's promise not to get too drunk.. YOU MAY also PARTICIPATE FOR FUN AND NOT PUT THE ONE POUND FEE IN and simply play for laughs, so no pressure, but you will not win the bottle of prosecco. This will be kept until the next tournament or possibly drunk by us anyway in the evening. Given there might potentially be around 10 or more of us, we will draw names out of a hat so that you play randomnly up to three players - this number may change dependent on numbers that participate. Each pair of players will play the first to win two games. A gammon or backgammon will score as an instant win. The number of games won will be totted up so that eventually the two players with the highest score will play each other later in the evening. I estimate to play two to three games with each opponent should hopefully take no more than 40 minutes, or hopefully quicker with an instant gammon/backgammon will speed the game up and score an instant win. Miracles do happen in backgammon When we last had our mini tournament in Easter 2018 one of the backgammon attendees, who shall remain nameless, declared to everyone at the start of the tournament that they had no chance in hell of winning as they had lost all their warm up matches. Having not paid the fee, this individual ended up beating every one in their games ... The moral of the mini tournament is to never lose faith and think you're not good enough to win as this person proved. It is my intention to complete the tournament by about 7pm. If you are new to the game and would rather not participate, that's not a problem, though again please note that the tournament is more about having fun and participating rather than winning ... ok, perhaps it is a tiny bit about winning ;-) I will aim to start the tournament at about 5pm and anyone arriving later can play people for fun but not be part of the competition. Although let's if possible try to arrive at the scheduled time of 3pm to warm ourselves up and enjoy the game socially. There will also be players on the side lines who do not wish to participate but play socially - this is cool and not a problem. In order for us to play everyone, or as many people as possible, each player should aim to play the alloted number of players as quickly as possible, and then after you can relax and socialise and play for fun until the final game between the two highest scoring players. Again, participation in the tournament or putting £1 into the pot is discretionary and not compulsory. The above brief rules are subject to changes but I will try to notify you in advance of when the tournament commences. After 7.30pm our Social Meetup group stays at The Woolf until 11pm and we often play rummikub, gin rummi or yahtzee - the latter being a favourite, as well as continuing to play our favourite game of backgammon in chilled out surroundings. I will provide a link in my next e-mail of our group's backgammon rules. We look forward to seeing you this Easter Sunday. Kind Regards, Christopher :-) Sapphire Backgammon Organiser

The Woolf and Whistle pub

The Tavistock Hotel, 48 - 55 Tavistock Square, WC1H 9EU · London

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    Meetup fortnightly on Sundays at 3pm

    A warm welcome.

    This is a group for backgammon players of all standards - from beginners to champions, it really doesn't matter what level you are.

    My aim is to have a laid back sociable afternoon and early evening of backgammon in pleasant surroundings in relaxed and friendly company.

    I will choose a location to meet that is central that is hopefully served by numerous transport routes. I am open to suggestions of other places.. a park, cafe, or library, for example?

    If you have one, please bring your own board, however, both I and others should have our own, and I do sometimes carry a spare - all we need is one board between two players. I am always delighted to play on different boards that are different in size, style and feel and to meet the players behind their boards.

    I will ask for a contribution of £2 that helps me pay Meetup (yes Meetup sadly isn't free for Organisers and I pay a six-monthly subscription) and this also covers other admin fees. If for whatever reason you are unable to pay just let me know as I do not wish for anyone not to be able to join us and play backgammon.

    We look forward to meeting and playing this enjoyable game with you soon.

    Kind Regards,

    Christopher :-)

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