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Sapphire Backgammon Reviews "backgammon for all levels - many good players, and those with patience and willing to show new players how to play."

" the greatest company that one can wish for. A handful of us remained at the Club til nearly 11pm!"

"what a lovely group and welcoming host..."

"thanks Chris. had a good time with you and other players. The grub [food] at VQ was delicious. See ya next time"

"Once upon a time, we sat across the table from our opponent with a real backgammon board and real dice sitting between us to play with. Fun and laughter followed along with the scrambling and spinning of dice with the occasional grumble of how lucky your opponent was at throwing their lucky dice rolls. Nowadays, people don't always find the time to play face to face and the unfortunate result is playing backgammon online in from of a screen and questioning whether the dice rolls are rigged or not. Sapphire Backgammon changes this, so why not come along to a warm and welcoming environment and play real people?" Chris S.


Meetup fortnightly on Sundays at 3pm

A very warm welcome to Backgammon Lovers and those inspiring to learn and improve their game in a social and friendly environment.

Hope that our members are all keeping safe during these difficult times.


Sapphire Backgammon Social Group is six years old - we held our first Meetup in June 2015 and we are coming up to our 150th Meetup. Our membership is fast approaching 750 and rising. Given the current Covid climate, on average between 8 and 12 members attend our fortnightly meetups and our largest turnout ever was a busy and fun 29 backgammon lovers turning up to one of our events.

This is an established and friendly group for backgammon players of all standards - from beginners to champions, it really doesn't matter what level you are or how competitive or not that you choose to be - we have quite a selection of players, both men and women, from diverse backgrounds from across the globe. My aim is to have a laid back sociable afternoon that drifts into the evening with people who want to play backgammon in a friendly and welcoming environment. We sometimes have fun tournaments with small prizes for those with a slight competitive edge. Through this group some of us have learnt to play with the doubling cube - that mysterious cube-like object with 2,4,8 etc that sits on the side of some boards. We have recently returned to the Civil Service Club after a nearly four year break, but might try out other venues nearby.

Please bring your own backgammon board, however, both I and others should have our own, and I do sometimes carry a spare or two - we simply need one board between two players. We are always delighted to play on different boards that are different in size, style, feel and price and to meet the players behind their boards.

I will ask for a 2 or £3 contribution that helps me pay Meetup (yes Meetup sadly isn't free for Organisers and I pay a handsome six-monthly subscription fee of around a hundred pounds, including during lockdown when no events were held) and this covers other admin costs.

We look forward to meeting and playing this enjoyable game with you soon.

Kind Regards,

Christopher :-)

Upcoming events (1)

Fun Social Backgammon at Great Scotland Yard, Sun 5 Feb, 3pm at the CSC

The Civil Service Club

Next Social Backgammon: Sun 5 Feb
Time: 3 to 8pm and possibly beyond!

Where: Civil Service Club

Address: 13-15 Great Scotland Yard , SW1A 2HJ

Location/Travel to the CSC

Civil Service Club (CSC) sits in the heart of London just off Trafalgar Square and Whitehall. This is close to many central London stations and bus stops - you can't get anymore central in London than the CSC.

2-3 min walk from Charring Cross Station, Trafalgar Square and Embankment Underground Station (District/Circle/Bakerloo/Northern lines).

From Northumberland Avenue - turn right where the Nigerian High Commission sits at the corner (green and white flag) and walk 20 yards to the building you will see in the main picture of this Meetup.


29 Backgammoners showed up last Sunday. We last achieved this record breaking turnout in 2018 at The Woolf & Whistle. Thankfully not everyone showed up on time and at the same time.

A group of 10 backgammoners went to see an immersive comedy show a few weeks ago which was a big hit, where we enjoyed a four course dinner with lots of wine over laughter.

We plan to get together again and see another comedy show on Thursday 9 February called Fly Me at the Vauxhall Tea Rooms. Do let me know if you're interested in joining us.

About our social group

What makes our group really special is its members and the humour and friendliness whilst playing this splendid friendly and social game.

Please note that we welcome players of all levels. Do encourage your friends, family and acquaintances to join our group, made up of many regulars, who regularly meet for friendly games and discussions.

If you're relatively new to the game drop me a line to let me know.

Purchase Drinks & Food

For a central London location the drinks and food are relatively cheap, and in order to use this venue, we are expected to purchase at least one or two drinks, and/or food from the bar. The CSC offers a wide choice range of decently priced beers, wines and food.

In between the rounds of backgammon we usually sit for a meal around 6pm (I've been advised that the restaurant food service closes at 10pm on Sundays).

Click on the following link for the bar food and wine prices. Given the Club's central London location this offers great value:



If you are a wine connoisseur, the Club has an amazing selection of wines, and the draft beers on offer aren't bad either.

RSVP on Meetup

Please RSVP asap - I need to provide the club in advance with a list of names. If you are new please provide your full name.

Bring your own Backgammon Board

Love seeing the different styles and size of boards - my boards have somehow grown larger over the years. Please bring your own backgammon board. Should you not have a board please let us know in advance via the Meetup message board so that we can make an effort to bring sufficient boards to play on. Recently I'm not always advised of the absence of boards from backgammoners and this can sometimes mean people waiting for the availability of boards. So please let us know in advance.

Meetup Cost

Even during the lengthy spell of Covid and lockdown and ever since, I've had to pay Meetup over 100 pounds every six months and given this handsome sum of money I would very much appreciate a contribution of between £2 to £3... is that all? I hear you say. This covers meetup who charge me a handsome fee of nearly 130 pounds a month. In addition I pay Club membership, the cost of lost backgammon pieces, dice - yes sadly I even lose my precious dice at meetups and need to replace them ;-(

With the Club's competitive prices you will SAVE on drinks, bar food and snacks that are served - much cheaper compared to nearby venues.

Duration & Social

Even in between the rolls of dice, or having a break, we enjoy a friendly social chat, a sit down meal and a drink or two. We often play beyond 9pm and have recently been known to stay at the Club past the witching hour.

Respect and Courtesy

Know that I really don't need to say this but please be courteous and say thank you when being served drinks, etc at the CSC. This warmth and sentiment is obviously extended within our group whilst playing this majestic game. Any issues/problems please don't hesitate to approach me.

My Contact

Should you get lost or need to get in touch my number is:[masked]. Would advise you not to post messages one hour before this meetup commences as there's a chance I will not view it.

Kind Regards,

Christopher Sattaur
Sapphire Backgammon Organiser

also Organiser for Wimbledon Commoners http://www.meetup.com/Wimbledon-Commoners/

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