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This Meetup Group is for people with an interest in all-things-science to get together, and not just on Saturdays. Maybe you often find yourself starting to tell a science-related story at a party, only to trail off awkwardly when you realize that you're not as clear on the details as you thought. Or your friends are hinting that they'd really rather not hear about Planet Earth anymore. Quite possibly, while others reminisce about Saturday morning cartoons, you fondly recall watching Mr. Wizard. I'm calling all 'Saturday scientists' who want to ~ check out book readings, lectures, art exhibits, performances, etc ~ construct projects together ~ explore some of those museums we keep meaning to visit ~ or just grab a drink and chat about... alpha waves, anatomy, astronomy, biology, biomes, black holes, botany, chemistry, climate, cloud formations, color, dark matter, ecology, elements, emergence, engineering, evolution, food, forensics, genetics, gravity, half lives, infographics, light, linguistics, logic, math, medecine, memory, meteorology, minerals, motion, neurology, numbers, osteology, physics, prisms, relativity, regeneration, shadows, sound, space, stochasticity, string theory, taxidermy, tectonic plates, time, zoology! Let's revel in the wonder of the natural world, whether it's the fermentation process responsible for our beers, or the centrifugal force that binds us together.

Past events (6)

Celestial Highlights at the Hayden Planetarium

American Museum of Natural History- Hayden Planetarium

Wicked plants!


Paleontology Party: SciCafe at Natural History Museum

American Museum of Natural History

Hubble movie on the nation's largest IMAX screen!

Liberty Science Center

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