What we're about


We are the Science and Technology Discussion Group of Long Island. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for people to share their knowledge, Learn about new ideas, meet intelligent new friends, possibly identify business opportunities. Our intent is to be Fun and Stimulating.

You should join if you have expertise you want to share, or if you just like to learn, or if you enjoy a good discussion ( and perhaps sometimes a lecture or museum visit ).

You do NOT need to be an expert
- you just need to enjoy learning

The focus of this particular group is Science and Technology - including Applications, and Social Impact. I personally love many other topics - business, politics, .... but lets start with a focus.

- Join us !

Events may include

* Small informal meetings / discussions
( sometimes over desert or a light meal)
* Lectures / Presentations ( ? invited professors ? )
* Panel discussions
* Museum Visits
* Book Discussions
* News reviews
. . .

Ideas for events and venues are welcome.

****** PLEASE VOLUNTEER ******

We need -
Co Administrators
- help with overall management including event postings
Speakers ( yourself, or someone you know ? )
Book Group Leaders
Event Coordinators - help plan an event
Venues - do you have space for a meeting
or can you help find / coordinate a venue ?

PS - see and answer the posted Polls ( see the < MORE > menu above )
- this will help us to plan meet-ups to interest you.

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