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Tai Tam under a full moon. Harvest Moon - Mid Autumn night paddle!
A full moon paddle in Tai Tam to celebrate the mid-autumn equinox with our sea kayaking friends. Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month - Sept 24th, 2018. The full moon on the 25th! We start at mid-high tide so, if we have a clear night, the reflections will be amazing. This is a beautiful paddle, with the high buildings of Redhill dressed in lights to mimic a Mediterranean village. This is a time to celebrate the passing of a summer - bring your favourite mooncakes to share and if you are a westerner, your favourite red wine! “May we live long and share the beauty of the moon together, even if we are hundreds of miles apart,” says the romantic Chinese poem. As the round shape symbolises unity in Chinese culture, the full moon stirs these ancient sentiments, which are embodied in the way the Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated since the early Tang dynasty (618–907). In the past, families would get together to make offerings of osmanthus-flavoured wine, spherical fruits such as pears, grapes, pomegranates and of course mooncakes to the heavens, to express gratitude for a bumper harvest as well as enjoy a reunion with relatives who live far away. To many, this is considered to be one of the most important festivals of the year. All the normal requirements apply (see previous meetup pages for details). Cost: $300. RSVP: Normal payent and RSVP rules apply.

Ah Wing Barbecue,

Tai Tam Tuk Road · Hong Kong Island


What we're about

Hong Kong is an amazing sea kayaking destination with over 260 islands (mostly uninhabited), coral reefs, isolated beaches, dolphins (see photo below), porpoises and turtles (all rare but definitely there), islands that you can actually paddle through and so much more!

What is a sea kayaking?

Sea kayaking is best described as taking a journey on the open ocean in a small, paddle powered self-contained closed cockpit craft (kayak).

Why is Sea Kayak Hong Kong (SKHK) running a meetup group and who can join this group?

Sea Kayak Hong Kong (SKHK) is an ocean conservation, education and adventure organisation. The foundations of the company are based on 'sustainability' and the 'Principles of Ocean Literacy'. We provide free sea kayak training and trips to help people living in Hong Kong learn to understand the ocean better.

So, by running a meetup group for locals and offering free sea kayak trips and basic safety and skills training courses, we are providing locals with the opportunity to develop an understanding of the ocean and their impacts on it (Ocean Literacy).

The only fee for these trips and courses is the equipment hire if you do not bring your own.

Does sea kayaking require any special skills?
Anyone participating in any activity on the open ocean requires special having skills to ensure their personal safety and not hinder the safety or enjoyment of the group of people they are paddling with.

This simply means that to participate, acquiring the necessary skills to control your kayak in any weather or sea conditions that you may find yourself in during the course of a sea kayak trip AND understanding the ocean and how it is affected by local and distant weather systems is essential.

Safety is paramount!
To come along on any of our sea kayak tours you will first need to complete our Fun & FREE basic training courses. These are:
1. The Sea Kayak Control Course - Basic :- required for every participant.
This course will teach you how to control your kayak and how to paddle long distances.

2. The Sea Kayak Safety Course :- required for anyone wishing to do one of the more difficult trips that we offer around Hong Kong waters.

The only fee for the trips / courses is the equipment hire if you do not bring your own equipment.

Who can join this group?
This meetup group is created to give people living within 100kms of Hong Kong the opportunity to learn about the ocean through safe sea kayaking trips that are fun and educational.

Do we allow non-local visitors to join the group or a sea kayak trip or course?
The answer is possibly, but probably not.

Visitors to Hong Kong can participate only if:

1. They have the required sea kayaking skills to participate, or the existing member of the group has the necessary skills to take them as their passenger in a double sea kayak.

2. They are introduced by an existing group member (see 1).

3. There is space available - our priority is to give people living locally the opportunity to kayak and we have limited resources, so locals get first option. We offer scheduled sea kayak tours for International Visitors to Hong Kong which can be booked on the Sea Kayak Hong Kong website.

4. The visitor pays the full price for the service ($650).

For more information about Sea Kayak Hong Kong and our philosophy see

Welcome aboard.
We look forward to seeing you on the water.

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