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Permaculture aims to regenerate healthy, productive landscapes and communities by consciously applying ecological principles to the design of human habitats. It is a theory, a mindset, and a lens for looking at the world in order to create a sustainable and just planet for all. Permaculture’s three ethics - Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share - and its twelve principles are used to design systems that create and foster healthy relationships. Through this discipline, each of us can take greater responsibility for ourselves and our world by developing life skills for sustainable living to become active participants and producers.

“Permaculture gives us a toolkit for moving from a culture of fear and scarcity to one of love and abundance.” -Toby Hemenway (permaculturist & author)

What we do: We build community, share ideas and learn how to move forward mindfully and in tune with the ethics of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share. Through the Seacoast NH Permaculture Meetup and other partner organizations we bring people together by offering workshops, speakers, movies, discussions, swaps, potluck meals and other events.

"We don't know what details of a truly sustainable future are going to be like, but we need options, we need people experimenting in all kinds of ways and permaculturists are one of the critical gangs that are doing that." -Dr. David Suzuki (geneticist, broadcaster, environmentalist)

Our mission: Seacoast NH Permaculture Group empowers individuals and communities to work together to create resiliency through the use of Permaculture in the NH seacoast area and beyond. We inspire and teach each other by sharing skills, knowledge, and regenerative practices, nurturing our connections and celebrating our work.

“You cannot save the land apart from the people or the people apart from the land.” -Wendell Berry (farmer, environmentalist, author)

Upcoming events (5+)

Permacultural Soil Building & Gardening

Strawbery Banke Museum

Great gardens start with great soil and permaculture practices excel at building it, inches at a time! Historic Strawbery Banke Museum welcomes Seacoast Permaculture organizer, Amy Antonucci, to explore this topic. In this program, learn simple methods utilizing readily available, inexpensive materials to create magnificent gardens without digging or rototilling. Participants learn how to create, nurture, and protect the ecosystem with simple techniques including sheet mulching and hugelkultur as well as how to understand soil test results. This program takes place in the TYCO Visitors Center lecture hall. COST: Strawbery Banke Museum Members: $10; Non-members: $15. To insure your space pre-register here: https://strawbery-banke-museum.simpletix.com/EventDetails/46268/Time/112491/?fbclid=IwAR2FJ4P_xCOxUTwl8hHGu9F5A9rwcNvIOEC2FXcE7c9_fklzug-TRW0lmPo#.XXp9LbgoFac

Fall Gardeners Gathering

Living Land Permaculture Homestead

It's autumn and the gardening season is coming to a close. Do you have questions about how to prepare your growing areas for the winter so that they are ready and fertile for planting in the spring? What is there still to harvest? How was this year's bounty preserved for the winter (the root cellar should be completed by this meetup!)? Do you have soil test results you are trying to understand? We can go over these issues, plus reflect on successes and problems we had this year so we can learn and prepare for our 2020 gardens. About Gardeners Gatherings: An important aspect of permaculture is obtaining a yield and becoming a successful gardener is one great way to do that. But what if you run into trouble? How to deal with insects, diseases, water management? When to harvest for peak flavor? How about planting cover crops? How can you build soil rather than deplete it? Let's learn together! COST: sliding scale of $5-20, payable at the event. LED BY: Amy Antonucci, NOFA-NH's 2017 Gardener of the year, worked on an organic farm & CSA for 10 years before becoming a certified permaculture designer and focusing on homesteading. She keeps bees, poultry, goats and gardens at Living Land Permaculture Homestead in Barrington NH ( http://livinglandpermaculture.com/ ). She has spoken at libraries, schools, garden clubs, NOFA-NH and on the radio, and is the main organizer of Seacoast Permaculture.

Seed Saving and Potluck

Groft Family Farm

Join the Piscataqua Seed Project to harvest produce and seed from this year's varieties at The Heirloom Harvest Project trial garden. Learn seed saving techniques and take home some seed for next year! Participants should wear garden-friendly clothes. Kids welcome; children under 5 with adult supervision. A potluck dinner will be held after the workshop. Bring a dish to share that serves ~ 8 - 10 people, and your potluck kit (plate, utensils, etc). COST: donations of any amount welcome to further the work of Piscataqua Seed Project. Cosponsored by Piscataqua Seed Project, The Heirloom Harvest Project, Slow Food Seacoast & Seacoast Permaculture.

Fall Mushroom Walk

Tuckaway Farm


On this, our second mushroom hunting walk, we will search the grounds for wild mushrooms and discuss the basics of identification, their properties, uses and ecology. The focus will be on common edibles of New England. Sustainable practices of wild mushroom harvesting will also be discussed. Please dress for the weather - we will be outdoors. You may also want to bring a notebook & pen, and a camera! COST: $15-30 sliding scale. A nonrefundable $10 deposit will hold your place (If we cancel/reschedule the class we would refund your deposit - not for any other reason). The rest of the fee is due at the event - please bring cash or check! The walk will be led by, Dave, who is an outdoor enthusiast, forager of wild foods, and proponent of Wildlife Conservation and the sustainable use of our lands. He was introduced to the fascinating world of mushrooms several years ago during his permaculture design certification coursework and has since enjoyed wild mushroom hunting throughout the seasons. We are pleased to hold this at Tuckaway Farm, a three generation family farm "tucked away" along the Oyster River, which has farmed organically for over 50 years. Tuckaway's ongoing mission is to support a regenerative energy and food system by providing diverse agricultural products and by practicing agriculture that builds soil, habitat, and community.

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