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Permaculture aims to regenerate healthy, productive landscapes and communities by consciously applying ecological principles to the design of human habitats. It is a theory, a mindset, and a lens for looking at the world in order to create a sustainable and just planet for all. Permaculture’s three ethics - Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share - and its twelve principles are used to design systems that create and foster healthy relationships. Through this discipline, each of us can take greater responsibility for ourselves and our world by developing life skills for sustainable living to become active participants and producers.

“Permaculture gives us a toolkit for moving from a culture of fear and scarcity to one of love and abundance.” -Toby Hemenway (permaculturist & author)

What we do: We build community, share ideas and learn how to move forward mindfully and in tune with the ethics of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share. Through the Seacoast NH Permaculture Meetup and other partner organizations we bring people together by offering workshops, speakers, movies, discussions, swaps, potluck meals and other events.

"We don't know what details of a truly sustainable future are going to be like, but we need options, we need people experimenting in all kinds of ways and permaculturists are one of the critical gangs that are doing that." -Dr. David Suzuki (geneticist, broadcaster, environmentalist)

Our mission: Seacoast NH Permaculture Group empowers individuals and communities to work together to create resiliency through the use of Permaculture in the NH seacoast area and beyond. We inspire and teach each other by sharing skills, knowledge, and regenerative practices, nurturing our connections and celebrating our work.

“You cannot save the land apart from the people or the people apart from the land.” -Wendell Berry (farmer, environmentalist, author)

Upcoming events (5+)

Hearth and Hands Fest: Handcrafting and Homesteading Skills

The Urban Forestry Center

Let's celebrate our passion for handcrafts and homesteading skills and honor the creativity and ingenuity that comes with practicing these timeless skills. We are providing space for people to share, make connections, ask questions, and learn from each other. Many different crafters and practitioners will be set up indoors and outside so you can walk around and talk with them in an open house style setting. There will also be demonstrations including cider pressing and a portable saw mill. Other skills and demonstrations being represented include: seed saving and preservation, food preservation, knife sharpening, wood carving, backyard chicken keeping, bee keeping, identifying wild edibles, making lotions and more. As we get closer to the event we will be highlighting some of our presenters on our Facebook page so be sure to check it out! https://www.facebook.com/SeacoastPermaculture/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel&eid=ARASwUeZsRYlFTOfwr2_P84nZjDHa8kW8UD8S2MsgxfYK2WEAxfHw_ANlSWdKmPKR7c5NVAVd8fmBb8j This is a great opportunity to see the skills being practiced as well as learning about the tools/supplies needed for each. There will be some hands-on demonstrations that attendees will be able to try out themselves and animals for kids to see. COST: There is a suggested donation of $5-$10, payable at the door.

Give & Take: Autumn Preserved Foods Swap

Farmwood Village Club House

For our Autumn Swap we are focusing on food to get us through the winter! Such as: canned, frozen, dried, fermented foods, produce for the root cellar (potatoes, carrots, beets, onions, etc), honey, maple syrup. Also if you are still growing food, like greens, those are welcome. And what about herbal products to help us in the winter - echinacea tincture, elderberry syrup, salves and lip balms, etc. Use your imagination! Have other ideas? Share them below to gauge interest! Be sure to list ingredients on items with more than one. COST: suggested donation of $1-10 payable that day. Please be on time so you won't miss the introductions when everyone explains what they are offering. This is an important part of the process. No one goes home empty handed and everyone usually leaves with more than they came with, through some sort of swapping magic! The process takes about 90 minutes depending on the number of participants.

Harvest Feast Potluck & Annual Meeting

Farmwood Village Club House

Let's celebrate permaculture and our community together! This year's Harvest Feast will include: a potluck, a soup tasting smorgasbord & recipe share, Circle Dancing, and a raffle! For the potluck: anything is welcome but local, organic, or homemade from your own land and hands is extra exciting! This is a chance for you to show off what you've grown and created! We'll have heating and clean up facilities there, but if you can bring your own potluck kit of plate/bowl/utensils/cup/napkin, that would be a great help. The Soup Smorgasbord will be provided by SP board members. For the Annual Meeting: we'll have an update on our group and a look at what's coming for 2020. Your questions and ideas will be welcome and can help us shape the coming year. Amy will lead us in a few simple, celebratory Circle Dances. People in all cultures, throughout history and across the world, dance to connect with each other. All steps will be taught - no experience or partner needed. We'll also be having a raffle to benefit our scholarship fund. The venue has a ping pong and billiards table that we can also use! Permaculture is about community and people as much as it's about gardening, conservation and energy. There are so many interesting people in this group, and often our meetups are focused on what we are working on/learning - this will be an opportunity to connect a little less formally. COST: a donation of any amount is welcomed!

Honey Bee Hive Winter Prep

Living Land Permaculture Homestead


By November a honey bee hive is already hunkering down for winter, and there are some ways you can help them with that. This will be a hands-on and suit-on exploration of how to do so. We will: put upper entrances, look at mouseguards, talk about honey stores, prep shavings boxes, and wrap a hive. This will be geared towards beginners who already have some understanding of honey bees, such as terminology and basics of what goes on in a hive. This is weather dependent, so check back here if there's any question - a very rainy day would be hard to deal with. Please wear or bring light colored clothing, long sleeves and pants and closed shoes. If you have or can borrow a bee suit or veil please do - I will have some for folks to use also. COST: sliding scale $10-25 per person. A nonrefundable $5 deposit will hold your place. You can use paypal here or ask Amy where to send a check. The rest of the fee is due at the event - please bring cash or check! This class will be led by Amy... Amy Antonucci has been keeping bees for honey and pollination since 2005 and has been involved with organic agriculture for 20 years. She speaks at libraries, schools, and conferences and has been interviewed on the radio about apiculture. She served as VP of the Seacoast Beekeepers Association of NH and organized their Bee School for a number of years. She now teaches through Seacoast Permaculture.

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Seed Saving Day at Tuckaway Farm (rescheduled)

Tuckaway Farm

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