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Business Breakthrough Engine - Generate Cashflow, Audience, Profits Step by Step
If there is a waiting list for this event, please RSVP asap to get on the wait list. We will be marketing this event through several channels. We will open up more spaces as we get closer to the event date and time. From almost 30 years of business experience, the biggest factor I have seen in success is the willingness to be successful and the willingness to invest brain power, energy, time and yes - money. The brain power is what helps convert the investment into profits over time. Almost no breakthrough happens over night - but the steps involved can create a cash-flow engine and an audience engine that generates money and engagement with your market - leading to high levels of satisfaction. Whether you are mature or new to business, this training will show you how to get to the next step required in your business development. What we cover in this training: * How do you generate a cash-flow engine you need to get to breakthroughs? (no income guarantees are made here - and results can vary from person to person) * How do you generate a marketing and audience engine that continues to build your business more? * How do you build confidence in yourself so that you can generate cash-flow and business no matter what happens? * Next easy steps to take to make this real for you. Please RSVP soon to avoid disappointment. See you soon! Sunil Bhaskaran Founder, The Global Business Mastermind (,,, ) - Training Business Owners around the world to build audiencees and massively profitable collaborations for mutual benefit and growth. About your trainer, Sunil Bhaskaran * Founder of the Global Business Mastermind where we create outstanding, friendly environments for collaborations to flourish for people at all levels of business. * 120,000+ business owners and professionals in his meetup network in the Bay Area. * Successful Entrant - Shark Tank for Experts - JVIC Community. * Mentor, Speaker, Visionary Entrepreneur since 1991. He lives in Santa Cruz, CA with his lovely wife and musical producer, Glenda Benevides and has been a radio show host, published author and an in-demand speaker. He is also the Director of Strategic Outreach for the Healthy Climate Alliance - an organization dedicated to restoring the climate to healthy levels for our future generations.

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PLEASE READ: This Meetup group is part of a large network of Meetup groups devoted to Best Practices with Marketing Strategies. These Meetups are organized by;

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We have more than 28,000 members total and are growing by over 500+ new members per month.

This Marketing Meetup serves Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Santa Clara, San Jose, San Mateo and Los Altos.

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This Meetup happens for bloggers in the very heart of the Bay Area - Silicon Valley.

This is one of the oldest groups on and we still welcome new members!


The owner of this Meetup group, Bill Belew (, is a professional blogger = for many years he has paid his sizable Silicon Valley mortgage through revenue from traffic to his network of sites.

Bill Belew is a university professor ( and in-demand speaker from Digital Media Asia Malaysia to Mexico to NYC to Blogworld / New Media Live in Vegas to Talks@Google and his home-town, Sunnyvale, in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Bill Belew is the owner of the Content Marketing Expert forum. ( <= Meetup Members can join for FREE.

He is the author of the best-read series How to Blog for Money and Traffic ( online, six published books and one university textbook with Kendall Hunt Publishing (

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Some things change, others never do.

Search Engine Optimization principles seem to fluctuate. But do they really?

This Bay Area Meetup is devoted to staying current on SEO - search engine optimization principles.

We meet regularly to explore, discuss, and share Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and general issues related to Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

This Meetup is for Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Los Altos, Santa Clara, Campbell and San Jose residents.

We will also explore topics related to SEO: social media marketing, blogging, affiliate marketing, PPC, e-commerce, and web traffic in general.

Both newbies or seasoned veterans are welcome. You will gain insight and find value from our events and activities --- it will be time well spent!

Our events feature expert speakers, collaborative discussion, networking opportunities, community, fellowship, link building and work nights.

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