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The Seattle Dungeons & Dragons and RPG Meetup Group is a group run by volunteers, open to anyone who wants to play, teach, talk about, or learn about Role Playing Games in the Puget Sound area. We support Dungeons & Dragons of all editions and other Role-Playing Games (RPGs) like Dungeon Crawl Classics, Blades in the Dark, Monster of the Week, Savage World, Pathfinder, 13th Age, Tales from the Loop, Fate, Fiasco, Call of Cthulhu, Starfinder, or Star Trek Adventures.

We provided a positive, friendly, and welcoming space for all adventurers, regardless of class, race, gender, ability, age, or sexual identity.

We have multiple game events occurring monthly for anyone interested in playing various Role Playing Games, as well social events and workshop events.

Besides our events, here are some other places you may find some public play games: https://www.meetup.com/Seattle-Dungeons-and... (https://www.meetup.com/Seattle-Dungeons-and-Dragons/messages/boards/thread/51167656)

We are always looking to bring new people into the game and particularly want to encourage those who want to take the plunge to become a Dungeon Masters and run their owns games!

Or better yet, become an Event Organizer and help provide events for our community! Just reach out to the Leadership team.

Upcoming events (4+)

[In Person] Tuesday Night Dungeon Crawl Classics

Needs a location


SESSION SPECIFIC INFORMATION: This week, and possibly the one after, will be 5E with a guest DM. Show up with a 5E character, or arrive early (5pm) to build one on site.

The world is clearly ending. Has been for some years. Behind us we flee the endless storms and insidious danger. Ahead is always the mountain, the Gods Mountain. To reach the top is to escape this place. After all, who could stop the apocalypse?

Travel through the ruins of a fantasy world, sail across eldritch seas, climb the tallest mountain in creation. Dungeon Crawl Classics offers the numerical crunch of the old school dungeon crawl, updated with the squish of a modern D20 system. Create a character in a fraction of the time and encounter 200% as much adventure!

----------------System Information-------------------
-Play using the Goodman Games Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG system
Easy to learn --- Fun to Master
( http://goodman-games.com/dungeon-crawl-classics-rpg/ )
( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dungeon_Crawl_Classics )

-Experience classic dungeons and monsters brought to terrifying new life
-Roll new dice! The Dice Chain brings new types of rolls with weird dice
-Quick and easy: rules light means anyone can pick up dice easily.
-Season based narrative structure means you can show up at any session and participate in a story, while staying gets you a complete story
-Old school: play 1974's version of D&D brought to the modern age.
----------Table Information-----------------------------------
If you are on the wait-list, feel free to show up anyways and play on the Overflow Table, run by the Co-DM Quigley. This table will feature one-shots, using the same system and same characters from the main campaign. Switch seamlessly between side quests and main quests!

Our tables encourage sharing and learning, ask about DMing sometime!

As many Tuesdays as possible, 630 to 9ish.

Look for the Gandalf hat

WHAT you NEED to bring:
Yourself, and possibly a friend
No need for previous experience
2.5-3 hours of time
WHAT you can bring:
Characters (https://purplesorcerer.com/create_upper.php)
Character voices

Our table is a positive, friendly, and welcoming space for all adventurers, regardless of class, race, gender or sexual identity. Any negativity fueled by real-world ignorance, hate, or fear will be met with swift action and possible permanent teleportation to the plane of eternal banishment.

We have a discord!

Online D&D 5e: "The Parnast Saga in 8 Parts" Open Game for Beginners

Needs a location

Let's play D&D online! I will be running an 8 week adventure set in the remote village of Parnast in the Greypeak Mountains. New and beginner players are welcome!


Parnast, a small town in the Greypeak Mountains, was the site of infiltration by the Cult of the Dragon a year ago. Since a group of cunning adventurers freed the town from the grip of the Cult of the Dragon, the town has grappled with its identity and townsfolk have often turned against one another under suspicion that the Cult never left. Seeking to stabilize the area, the Shrine of Axes put out the word that they were looking for a new statue of Angharradh, also known as the Triune Goddess. She is a three fold deity and in the context of the deities represented at the shrine, represents Spring.


This will run from April 12 to May 31. You'll have to commit to making all/most of the sessions.

We start at 6:30 but I'll be online from 6:00 to have a 30 minute buffer to go over things for anyone new to Roll20, Zoom, or D&D. Log into Roll20 and I'll provide the Zoom link then.

The game will be hosted on Roll20 and my Zoom account. You will need to create a Roll20 account if you don't already have one (it's free).

Be sure you have your Profile set to alert you when you're confirmed for an event. You'll also need to confirm your attendance via Direct Message!!


I am looking for Heroic Adventurers, so leave your evil, chaotic, solo, or morally questionable characters for your home game.

You can build your character step by step on D&D Beyond and copy it into Roll20 BEFORE the first session.


Take max HP when creating and leveling up. You may use any material from the Faerûn WotC published books, no Eberron, Ravenloft, Ravnica, homebrew material, online content, or custom material.

Use the standard set numbers (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8).

Fighters and Rogues are easier for new players to use to learn game basics. If you're playing a Spellcaster, you should have your spell details ready, either from D&D Beyond, index cards, or a digital spellbook (Fight Club 5th Edition by Lion's Den is a decent app).


The Zoom link will be provided in the Roll20 chat.


Our tables are positive, friendly, and welcoming spaces for all adventurers, regardless of class, race, gender, or sexual identity. Any negativity fueled by real-world ignorance, hate, or fear will be met with swift action and possible permanent teleportation to the plane of eternal banishment.

This is NOT an official Adv League event, I don't issue/track XP, items, rewards, etc.

Any other questions? Just ask!

(In Person) DnD 5th Edition- One Shot for beginners and experienced alike!

Join us for a one shot (single session game) level 3 campaign. The goal is to bring together a variety of gamers to have fun and make new connections. Our hope is to make this a regular event with rotating one-shots.

A variety of pre-made characters will be available for use. No experience needed, just bring a standard RPG d20 set of dice.

We will be meeting at Mox Boarding house in Ballard, most likely in the Trading Card Gaming Room. Parking can be a challenge so I recommend carpooling and transit if an option for you. For more info about the store, visit https://www.moxboardinghouse.com/locations/#seattle

This week’s campaign follows our heroes from “Castle Crashers” into a new adventure. This is a standalone one shot that does not require you to play the previous game to enjoy.

One-Shot Campaign: Race to Ravencross
Following the group's success at Lord Tamarin’s castle, forces now hunt for the Heiress Corrin. She requests your assistance reaching her friend to the southwest, Countess Eloise of Ravencross. The trip necessitates travel across rough terrain, through jungle and eventually crossing the worn down Great Bridge that lays across the Surging River. All while keeping ahead of her pursuers. If you reach the city with your charge, you will surely be handsomely rewarded.

[In-Person][T2][S8] D&D Adventurer's League This Thursday!

Needs a location

Adventurer’s League is back in Seattle! Join us at Optimism Brewing Company this Thursday as we jump into the Forgotten Realms for new adventures every week.

Just The Facts:

Play Start Time: 6:00pm (We are always open to helping new players. Show up a few minutes before play if you need help creating a character)

Only 1 table this week.

Tier: 2 Level 5-10
Module Details: DDAL08-07 Into the Dark (2-4hrs) - When one of the Lords of Waterdeep asks you to root out a threat to the city, you respond to the call. Prepare for a foray into Undermountain. Part One of the Vampire Hunt trilogy.

The Basics:
The D&D Adventurers League is an ongoing official campaign for Dungeons & Dragons. It uses the fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons rules and features the Forgotten Realms setting. You can play D&D Adventurers League games literally anywhere. Players use the fifth edition rules to create a character and bring that character to games anywhere D&D Adventurers League play is happening.

Each module is a separate adventure. So no need to have played with the group before.

What You Need:
A character, between level 5 and 10.
At least two hours to complete an adventure.

How is this different from any other D&D game I’ve played?
AL is tracked by you. Your character can jump into any AL game anywhere in the world as long as you track your progress. Any levels, gold, or loot that you receive can be carried over to another game with a completely different Dungeon Master and players.

If you want to learn more about DDAL, please see the below resources from Wizards of the Coast. I recommend you read through the DDAL Player’s Guide if you want to know more details about how the league operates.

Wizards of the Coast Official Adventurer's League Page

Players Guide

DDAL Forgotten Realms FAQ

Interested in tracking your adventures online? Adventurer's League Log is the most lightweight and free resource so you don't have to carry the paper log sheet around.

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D&D 5e Open Game for Beginners: RayGun Lounge!

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