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D&D Eberron Campaign, Session 2

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This is a continuation of the 4th Edition Campaign we started last week in the Eberron Setting.

Six brave heroes are all brought to the Tower of Scars in Cyre. They converge on it with different ideas and different goals, but when confronted by a cadre of some sort of reptilian insects, this diverse group banded together in order to survive. The heroes consist of a Shardmind, a changeling rogue working as a budding agent for a secret agency, a dwarf and a human fighter working for the Karnathi government, a cleric in search of a religious relic, and a pixie sorcerer on the run. A motley group indeed.

The dwarven fighter happens upon a strange rune built into the floor. When he touches it, a flood of confusing images rushes through his mind. Do they mean anything? Who knows.

Some of them find two humans also in the tower, but they were captives. We'll see what the party does with them now that the danger appears to have passed.

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