RPG-Eves Day: Christmas Eve! Open Table Festive One-Shot Adventures!


‘Tis the Season to bundle up in some warm clothes, grab a hot drink, and some hotter dice! Join us on Christmas Eve for an adventure to a world of magic and swordplay with a few special events we are collectively referring to RPG-eves Day! (Arepee jeeves day)

Come one, come all for a steady flow of holiday cheer and spine tingling chills as our community of Referees, Judges, and Dungeon Masters whisk you away to their own personal realm of excitement, all of which lay adjacent to our snack counter!

New to the hobby or a first time hobbit? Never fear this is the perfect time to sit down with some cool folk and learn how to get down with the most exciting hobby in all of geekdom!

Checkout our other "RPG-Eves Day" tables here on meet-up this event is for O.z. who will be DM’ing “A Very Hugberry Holiday!” Staring everyone’s favorite rambunctious forest gnome, Tinkin Hugberry. (4 player slots available)

Table space for our auxiliary RPGs covered by THIS meet-up is limited and will be given at a first come first serve basis. If you are unable to make it into an RPG, don't fret, we will have open table space, boardgames, and beverages, and happy faces to spend time with during the holidays.