AD&D 1st Edition Bi-weekly Campaign


Come and join West Seattle Board Games regular D&D adventure! Meeting every other Wednesday at the Uptown Espresso on Delridge).

New adventurers are always welcome, so come on by, roll a character and get started. (Ages 18+ only). We use first edition AD&D rules. Those familiar with AD&D first edition? Drop on by. New to D&D? This is a great place to start!

Drop on by to roll up a character or choose from one of seventy pre-generated characters. There will be extra first edition PHBs available to use at the table. Those new to first edition are encouraged to grab a pre-gen and jump on in the game.

Currently, there is D&D Encounters going on at the same time as our game. Anyone who gets there early, make sure to grab a big table for us! Also, for those coming to our game for this first time, make sure to find us (and not a D&D Encounters game). You'll know it's our group based on the 1st edition AD&D books on the table. If you don't know what those look like, just ask around for the 1st edition game.

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