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The Seattle Running Club was started in 2003. SRC was created to provide a community for runners with an emphasis on trail running. We are a diverse group ranging from new runners to elite athletes. We have weekly Sunday runs on the trails. For more info on our club, including membership options, please go to https://seattlerunningclub.org/.

Upcoming events (5+)

5 mile run in Columbia City (weekly)...FLB5

Flying Lion Brewing

RSVP (and pace) is totally casual. Even if you don't see people signed up on Meetup, there are always a handful of regulars out for the run. Between 10 and 20, depending on the state of the skies and desire for beer. Running and brewing compliment each other in a beautifully circular fashion. One provides a cause for celebration and need for sustenance. The other provides the sustenance, means of celebration, and need to run. Meet at Flying Lion Brewing every Monday for 5 miles (there is also a 5 kilometer option) at whatever pace you fancy. Evan Williams (SRC runner and brewer) designed the course to resemble the profile of FLB's logo. Enjoy the lion's nose/mane through area parks and climb "The Wing" back to the neighborhood streets. Pints after are optional, of course. The brewery will also provide water and the next door neighbors are Full Tilt Ice Cream! Kids and dogs both allowed in the brewery, but no beer for the kids.

Squak Mt run and hill repeats- getting strong

Squak Mountain State Park

Running hills are designed to develop strength and durability in your running. We alternate between 7-8 mile run and Hill repeats. These repeats will vary from 3 minutes to 10 minutes depending on the work out. The variation in intensity and duration creates an environment for greater adaptations and strength. We first run the trails for 30-45 minutes before going into our repeats. It is very important to be warmed up to get the most out of the work out and avoid injury. Make sure you are staying well hydrated throughout the running season. Bring some water as dehydration is a leading cause of pulled or strained tendons. Don't forget your headlamp in the Fall, Winter and Spring. Yes this is 5:30 AM.

6 Mile Fun Run with Fleet Feet Seattle

Fleet Feet Sports Seattle

This is a very social 6 mile run. The pace ranges from 7-11 minutes per mile. Join us every Tuesday night!

Lake Union Lunch Run

SLU Bubble Statue

Wednesday's at Noon meet near the South Lake Union bubble statue off Terry Ave near Mercer St to go on a group run for about 45-90 minutes. All paces are welcomed, but the only pace group I can guarantee to show up goes at about a 7 minute per mile pace (or faster). There is also a relatively stable "crazy 8s" pace group that has been showing up. That group typically just does a lap of Lake Union (~6 miles). Occasionally we have had a group of people running 9-10 minute miles on a westlake (typically ~4 miles) out-and-back. Some of the routes that the 7 minute per mile pace group enjoys are: Lap Of Lake Union (~6 miles) Eastlake to Interlaken to Volunteer Park (~6 miles) Lap Around Queen Anne (~9 miles) Ship-Canal Trail out-and-back (<8 miles) University Of Washington out-and-back (> 3 miles) Discovery Park Loop (~14 miles) Myrtle Edwards Park out-and-back (>3 miles) New Routes, Combinations Of The Above NOTE: If you intend to run with one of the other pace groups (> 7 minutes per mile), please leave a note on the meet-up event before 8AM on the day of the run unless you work at Amazon in which case, please send an email to seattle-runners@ to let others know your desired pace.

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Weekend *WERK!*

South Day Street Park

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