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This group features great hikes in the Seattle area that take advantage of our wonderful transit system to access the trails. Our meetups begin at transit stops that are easily accessible from most neighborhoods in Seattle and we will walk or ride the bus together to the trailhead from there. In most hikes, we will end at a different point from where we start and take a different bus back. This group will feature a wide variety of hikes from easy to difficult, urban to rural, and flat sidewalk to steep, rugged trail. If you want to go hiking, but don't want to drive, enjoy point-to-point hikes but want to avoid the hassles of car shuttles, or want to explore new areas of the Puget Sound transit system that you didn't even know existed, this group is for you!

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Do the Puyallup...Clark's Creek Trails

King Street Sounder station (southbound)

Let's take advantage of a rare Saturday Sounder run to Puyallup, to visit the Clark's Creek Park and Forest trail system. (Sound Transit runs trains to and from Puyallup on two Saturdays during the Washington State Fair. But they'll let us ride the train even if we're not going to the Fair.) Once we're in Puyallup, at the train station, we'll head to DeCoursey Park, then follow the Clark's Creek trail down through Clark's Creek Park and Forest, then loop back up via different trails. We'll nose into any side trails we find. (Unfortunately, the Puyallup Fish Hatchery historical building is closed for renovation, but we can probably see the grounds.) There are about 4.5 miles of trails in the Clark's Creek system. (WTA says 5.5 miles, but they didn't post a map...) All told, there will be about 6-7 miles of walking. Our return path takes us past the fairgrounds, and then downtown Puyallup. If folks want, we can stop for an early dinner in Puyallup. If we have lots of extra time, we can have a peek at the Riverwalk trail, which passes not far north of the Puyallup station. There are two return trains, departing Puyallup at 5:50pm and 6:50pm. The bus is also an option, but the train is faster. Besides, this is an excuse to ride the train. If we take the 5:50 train, we'll be back at King Street station at 6:40pm. Details: We'll meet *on the Sounder platform* near the King Street Station in Seattle. The Sounder departs at 10:50am, but it's good to leave some time to find the platform and buy a ticket if needed. The best entrance is on S Jackson St between 2nd Ave S Extension and 4th Ave S, on the north side of the street. Again, meet *on the platform*, downstairs, where you'll board the train, not upstairs on the street above. The Sounder station entrance is near the International District Link station -- about a block north and west. Approximately every bus that goes through Seattle has a stop somewhere nearby. One way Sounder fare from Seattle to Puyallup is $4.75. You can pay with your Orca card e-purse or buy a ticket at the station. If you are buying a ticket, I recommend getting only a one way ticket, in case we end up taking the bus back. There is no discount for round trip. If you're boarding the train at a different station, please post in the comments. We'll arrive at the Puyallup Sounder station at 11:30am. On the way back, we'll be departing from the same station -- both Sounder and buses depart from there. Sounder takes about 50 minutes to get back to Seattle; bus takes about 70 minutes. Again, there are only two Sounder return trips, at 5:50pm and 6:50pm. (Note if you're considering Doing the Puyallup Fair after the hike, be sure not to miss the last bus!!! The last #578 leaves Puyallup station at about 7:55pm. Note also you'd only get half a day at the Fair. If you want to see everything, that's not enough.) Clark's Creek Park (with link to trail map): https://www.cityofpuyallup.org/Facilities/Facility/Details/Clarks-Creek-Park-South-4 OpenStreetMap Clark's Creek Park and Forest (with trails mapped by actual people): https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=15/[masked]/[masked] Sounder Fair special trips: https://www.soundtransit.org/ride-with-us/popular-destinations/washington-state-fair

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Teneriffe Falls (the easier version)

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