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Earth-friendly investing with Peter Krull of Earth Equity Advisors

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Paul L. and Scott H.
Earth-friendly investing with Peter Krull of Earth Equity Advisors


Date/Time: Sunday, March 14 from 3-4:30 PM over Zoom

Topic: Earth-friendly investing

NOTE: Once you RSVP, we will provide the zoom link.

Speaker: Peter Krull, Founder, CEO & Director of Investments at
Earth Equity Advisors, LLC

Positive action in the climate change space can take many forms from small personal actions to larger community and political actions. Some actions like buying less and turning down the temp are pretty easy for most, but other actions like installing solar or purchasing an EV may be too expensive for many households. Almost all of us, however, hold retirement and other investments that are fueling the world, both figuratively and literally. Is your money working for or against the earth? Perhaps it's time to consider earth-friendly investing.

Meeting co-host Paul Litwin will start off with the meeting with his (brief) perspective on earth-friendly and socially responsible investing.

Our featured speaker, Peter Krull from Earth Equity Advisors, will follow. Peter Krull will be discussing Sustainable, Responsible and Impact Investing (SRI) also known as socially responsible investing. He'll cover the history of the strategy, current trends, and why it's important to align your investments with your values. Other topics will be fossil fuel free investing, investment performance and what to look for in a SRI investment. There will be a Q&A session.

Pete Krull is the founder, CEO and Director of Investments at Earth Equity Advisors ( in Asheville, NC. He is a well-known leader in the green business community and a long-time advocate for fossil fuel free and sustainable, responsible and impact (SRI) investing.

He started his investment career at Merrill Lynch in 1998 and in 2004, founded Krull & Company focused on helping clients align their investments with their values. In 2017, Krull & Company became Earth Equity Advisors. The firm is a four-time Best for the World Certified B Corporation. In 2021, the firm was selected for the Real Leaders 150 list of the companies with the most impact in the US.

Hope to see you there!

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