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This group is for anyone interested in discussing new ways of engaging with global climate change. All skills and backgrounds are welcome. You might feel confused about the best way to help, guilty that you aren’t doing more, or even wondering if it’s too late anyway. We will share approaches on the issues that will leave you with more optimism and areas to focus that make a difference.
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Class Two: Where Are We Now? How Did We Get Here? Wake Up World Curriculum

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Before the class, you can review the material in Class Two at WakeUpWorld.earth

NOTE: Once you RSVP, you will have access to the zoom link (right panel). Also, we will be recording the meetup and will send a link to the recording to all who RSVP'd.

Over the past two years, Anita & Bob Dygert-Gearheart developed the Wake Up World: A Comprehensive Curriculum On The Climate Crisis for Faith And Community Groups. Here's their description of the curriculum:

"Our hope is that this introductory study will help people move beyond awareness and despair to hope and action. We remember that each part of the problem is also an opportunity for action. ... After a year of reading, watching, listening, exploring, discussing, taking classes, while we are certainly not subject matter experts and have a lot more to learn, we are clear that the climate crisis is real and increasingly a part of all of our lives. For the sake of this and future generations, we believe we collectively have the responsibility and ability to confront this crisis. ... We have attempted to create a curriculum that can be helpful to persons of any faith, religious belief, or spiritual tradition [even agnostics or atheists who value justice]. If you are a human being living on planet earth, then you have the requirements for participation in this 6-class study. Whatever your belief system, it will likely have the potential to encourage your faithfulness in learning about the crisis at hand and what you can do to mitigate it, adapt to it, and preserve the earth for future generations."

Seattle Climate Change Meetup is open to all people, regardless of whether you are a member of a particular faith, humanist, agnostic, or atheist. This curriculum was developed for faith groups but touches on values shared by secularists as well. As climate scientist Dr. Katharine Hayhoe says: "... here's the good news when it comes to climate change, the desire to care for and help others is not exclusive to any one denomination, or religion, or even faith. Atheists, agnostics and humanists share these values too. ... I truly believe, that just about every single one of us no matter our religious background or lack thereof, we have all the values we need to care about climate change built into us. Every human on this planet is born with a sense of responsibility, appreciation for our world, and often an instinct to care for others too. And that's exactly what we need to make good choices and to inform our actions on climate change today."

You can view the curriculum and other resources at WakeUpWorld.earth.


Anita Dygert-Gearheart, MSW, ACSW, LCSW
From early childhood my parents instilled in me a deep love of the natural world. My life experiences instilled a deep love for humanity and led to my becoming a clinical social worker. This ecological crisis combines my love for nature and humanity, understanding that we are all part of this incredible home we call Earth. It is my hope that this small study will motivate others to join in responding to this crisis.

M. Robert Dygert-Gearheart, Ordained United Methodist Minister, Doctor of Ministries
I was ordained a United Methodist minister in 1969 where I served in the Indiana Conference for 42 years. Now I realize that we are awakening to a new scenario, one that will determine the fate of the global community. While we weren’t aware, now we are awake to a defining moment in human history. This existential crisis of our ecological system demands we step through in unity, all together. I have always believed faith communities to be portals where we, together, can bind the broken and heal the injured. Let us look together at what we face as a global community as, truly, this is a moment of liminality (standing on the threshold).

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Faith, Justice & The Climate Crisis

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