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Every Second Saturday of the month at 7:00, we'll gather in South Philly to play board games, strategy games, card games and games of all shapes and sizes. Bring a game, bring some snacks, bring a friend, and meet some people... but please don't bring zombies. They make such a terrible mess. And they smell funny.

For Whom? We're teen & family friendly, and we make a great Cheap Date, especially since we added the no-zombies rule.

It's Free?! There's no cover charge, because the Awesome Space is freely given by Circle of Hope. But, if you want to throw down a contribution for the cups and napkins and stuff, that'd be cool. <3

Hungry? We will provide some drinks and snack, but we largely depend on our attendees to bring some to share. Gaming and munchies go well together.

Really Hungry? THERE WILL BE PIZZA ($2/slice) around 8:30pm.

We've had an awesomely fun run of Game Nights this year & we're looking forward to having you hang out with us! See you next Second Saturday!

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