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Welcome to a wonderful place called Board Game World. Free to join, our Events will include a variety of board game nights -- both in person & online, role playing games, card games, and whatever stuff we deem board game related. Additionally some events may simply be fun gatherings for outdoor movie screenings, Comic Cons, anime screenings, and other cool stuff.

If you have an idea to share or you're interested in hosting a Board Game World worthy event, please let us know.

Members can also stay in touch with us on Facebook in our Board Game World group there at this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/550715372656521/

see you soon!

Upcoming events (4+)

Are You Game?

Needs a location

Restarting this bi-weekly Board Game Event now that Covid seems to have subsided. Play games. Teach Games. Have Fun. Please be prepared to purchase food and or drink. I also ask that you update your reservation at least by 4 pm the day before and not to mark your reservation as yes unless you know you can make it.

Bring Games

We will be outside if weather allows.

In-Person Playtesting Board Games

Needs a location

Have you ever had an idea on how to make a game better?

If you have ever played a game and thought "this would be better if..." then you would love playtesting with Break My Game! We are looking to help designers make their games better by providing feedback during their design process. Your voice could make a good game GREAT!

Designers, if you are interested in having your games playtested at our Event, please message Eric or leave a Comment below. We hope this will be one in a series of Playtesting Events, so if we can't fit you in on July 7th, ideally it will work out for a future Event.

If you wish to attend as a player and won't be bringing a game to playtest, simply RSVP & join us on the day of the event and join in on the fun!

This is a FREE event, however if you wish to make a charitable donation to the Break My Game community, Break My Game, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charity and your donations are tax-deductible. You can discuss this with Eric at the event.

Hope you can join us on July 7th!

Online Catan (Catan Universe) every Thursday at 7pm

Link visible for attendees

Since the reopening post Covid, we now have moved our large weekly Monday Board Games Night back to an in-person Event -- its every Monday at The Bourse (see our Events for more details). However, one of the rare upsides of the Covid lock-down was the enjoyment we had playing online board games using our Discord to talk/chat while playing! So let's keep it going!

We will be hosting an every Thursday online Catan group, using the Catan Universe platform to play, and we'll meet on Discord at 7pm to talk while playing. Part of the beauty of this is that you don't have to live in Philly to join us, the internet connects us all. Plus, as we head into colder months, it may seem easier to simply have fun & socialize with the group from the comfort of your own home.

Discord chat link: https://discord.gg/nJdSyaeTzP

Zach has expanded our Discord Chat Rooms to be able to accommodate 15 people each, so large group & team games can be played. Here is the link: https://discord.gg/nJdSyaeTzP

Using Discord has been terrific so far, allowing us to live chat & socialize while we've been playing.

please leave comments & questions below.
see you online!

Monday Board Game Nights at The Bourse Food Hall

Needs a location

"Monday Board Games Night is the most fun you can have in Philly on a Monday"

location: The Bourse
time: 6pm - 9pm
cost: FREE

If you haven't yet joined us at The Bourse, its a gorgeous & spacious Food Hall with lots of room, long tables, and a variety of food & drink vendors to choose from. Ideal for our group! We have usually been averaging about 50+ attendees playing a wide & always changing array of board games & card games.

There is no fee and we'll be bringing our own board games. If you own lots of board games, feel free to bring a few of the ones that you don't mind teaching. And if you don't own any but still want to have fun, than just bring yourself.

I'll be adding details in the Comments and please feel free to also comment or ask questions. Additionally, you are welcome to mention which games you plan to bring in the comments as well.

Can't wait, see you there!

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