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In this group we courageously explore all the aspects of end of life, caring for the dying and grieving the dead. Guest speakers will share their knowledge and expertise while we examine our beliefs, hopes and fears around this taboo subject. By facing our mortality and preparing for the inevitable we may alleviate many of our concerns arrive at a more conscious and satisfying life.

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Life After Loss Event: Healing Disallowed Sorrows

Albany Library

We will meet in the Edith Stone Room. This is a free event. When change happens, whether small or large, good or bad, it can impact our emotions in unexpected ways. Happy changes like a job change, moving, marriage, retirement, even a new baby can trigger fear and trepidation as well as real sorrow over the loss of what was familiar. Society does not typically acknowledge sorrow in these situations. You are expected to feel happy and celebrate. Grief can seem inappropriate and lead to self-shame and even isolation. Often the emotional energy never gets released. There are other kinds of losses that also fail to gain social support and acknowledgement, e.g. loss of an in-law, close friend, sibling or ex-spouse, miscarriage, pet loss, or simply grieving too long. Then there are the unimaginable losses from sudden or violent causes like suicide, murder or accident. Theses loses can be so disturbing and fear provoking to others that they simply disappear from our lives. All these losses fall under the category, “Disenfranchised Grief.” In this session participant will learn: -Why It Is Important To Release All Our Grief -The #1 Way To Obtain Emotional Support Whenever We Hurt -How To Master The Negative Thoughts That Can Arise If you are struggling with emotions, feeling stuck or having difficulties with others, you may be missing some important tools in your grief toolbox. I will be sharing some powerful strategies for releasing feelings, letting go and moving forward in order to reclaim a life worth living. This group is for people who are ready to move to the next phase of their life and could use a little guidance getting there.

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