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Merlyn.AI Preview: Prudent Investing Just got Simpler and Safer
Artificial Intelligence simplifies complex tasks, allowing you to spend more time chasing kids, careers, and retirement destinations. Merlyn.AI automatically (1) evaluates hundreds of ETFs monthly for trend leadership and risk suitability characteristics, (2) constructs and evolves populations of strategies from qualified candidates, (3) shifts to profitable bear market strategies when markets are no longer safe, and (4) boils everything down to a simple Buy and Sell. This Meetup will be a technology preview of what is soon coming to SectorSurfer, AlphaDroid, and then launched as a handful of AI ETFs. We’ll lift the hood on the Merlyn.AI engine to demonstrate how populations of strategies dynamically evolve and jointly make a set of final monthly selections. Streamed live so everyone can attend: 7:00 PM Pacific Time Internet Streaming: The meeting will be streamed live here: . When you connect, you must also select how you will hear the meeting by clicking the phone icon. We recommend connecting audio via the internet if at all possible. When you do so, most systems will also ask your permission to use the speaker for that. We recommend trying to connect a few minutes ahead of time to be sure connection issues are resolved in time for the start of the presentations. See also note below. Remote Participation: We have tried opening the audio up from strict Presentation Mode during the question session a couple of times, and let's just say it was always bad news for one reason or another (technical problems and excessive noise from folks who did not mute their microphones). So, we plan to keep the whole session in Presentation Mode and my wife, Erin, will monitor email questions sent in from remote participants and present them to me as they come in. We will put a note up on the screen indicating where to send your questions.

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    We are a group of individual investors dedicated to improving our investment skills for managing our retirement portfolios through learning and applying the best practices and techniques for momentum (trend following) algorithms. It’s been well reported that the case for momentum is so strong that two of the fathers of modern finance, Fama ( and French (, call momentum (“the premier market anomaly” that is “above suspicion.” Our objective, therefore, is to learn how to most effectively employ the momentum effect in managing our retirement portfolios.

    How We Operate
    Our meetings are open to all individual investors and typically will be streamed online the 7th day of every other month at 7PM. Founder Scott Juds ( will typically present a topic and respond to questions that arise from the members. As momentum investing is inherently technical trading versus fundamental investing, topics will generally either be about trend indicators, sector rotation candidates, strategy construction, and portfolio design, as opposed to fundamental analysis or generating a buy list. While members may present or otherwise share technical information about the construction and design of their portfolios, members are not to share personal financial information with other members or ask other members for financial advice specific to their personal situation. While financial professionals are encouraged to participate as members to share their knowledge and experience, soliciting business from other members is strictly prohibited.

    Our Momentum Investing Tool of Choice?
    Former Chair of the State of Illinois Retirement Board, and a founding member of the Chicago Board of Options Exchange, Richard Erkes, says, “Today I can tell you with certainty that SectorSurfer ( stands in a class of its own as the premier investment tool for individual investors. Its high performance algorithms literally level the playing field for individual investors against the big traders on Wall Street.” It applies the cross-disciplinary mathematics of differential signal processing ( and matched filter theory ( to chaotic market data to optimally extract its “true trend” signal resulting in significant investment performance improvement.

    For these reasons, and to to provide a common basis for comparative data analysis and presentation, SectorSurfer ( will be our investment tool of choice. However, other investment tools performing similar "differential trend following" functions, such as AlphaDroid ( (SectorSurfer's sister service for financial advisors), will also be acceptable for analysis, presentations and discussion provided they additionally adhere to the investment tenets embodied within True Sector Rotation Theory (

    Some of our primary guiding beliefs are shown below adjacent to a typical example of the kind of technical analysis expected of our presenters.

    Click Here to Expand Chart. (

    Together We'll Ride those Sector Waves
    Come join us as we explore and learn together how best to create high-performance low-risk strategies using semi-automated momentum investment algorithms to better manage our self-directed 401(k) and IRA retirement portfolios. Our more experienced members are encouraged to contribute to the community by making presentations of their creative strategy and portfolio designs. All members, including new or inexperienced members, are encouraged to ask questions and contribute ideas during discussions.

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