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Gnostic Christianity Part I

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What is Gnosticism? A late Christian heresy? The result of Pagan influence on Judaism? A form of proto-Christianity later branded heretical by the post-Nicene Church? We'll look at what scholars have argued, and then dig into Gnostic-influenced biblical canon and apocrypha: The Gospel of John, and The Gospel of Thomas.

Discussion Moderator: John Gustav-Wrathall, Adjunct Professor, United Theological Seminary

Message from the Co-organizers: The last 30 minutes of this Meetup will be set aside to debate forming a volunteer committee of SBS members to help organizers provide future topics, lecturers and handouts, and accessory discussion moderators. The volunteer SBS committee might also help organizers in expanding membership, smoothing any leadership transitions, and finding a new meeting place and religious co-sponsor for SBS when Trinity-UMC closes next summer. Chester and Grant always envisioned that SBS would eventually thrive long-term through the participatory self-governance of its unique religious and secular membership; this meeting is our first step toward their goal -- so if you want to help guide SBS to become the Twin Cities' best forum for reasoning, respectful dialogue between people of every or no belief, then this Tuesday at Trinity-UMC is the place to be!