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Moms Unite, let's chat! Topic: Handling the Terribly Tender Toddler, 18-36 mths
This is a chat session for all moms who have toddlers aged between 18-36, we'll get-together and discuss all the wonderful frustrations we have with our 12 - 36 month tots and how we handle them. I will also share from a psychologist's perspective and books I have been reading, as well as run some role plays, if they are useful. If the below timing does not suit but you are interested in the session, please sign up and suggest alternative times! We'll try and find a time where everyone is available.

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Welcome to Seeds For Tomorrow. Parenting is rewarding, fun and the most amazing and important role we will play in our lives. But, it is also not easy. One way to think of it is, how we can best "perfect the art of imperfect parenting." I am an advocate of positive parenting that is rooted in a values-based and play-based approach. I believe in providing children with encouragement and guidance to uncover their talents and be the best they can be, not just intellectually, but holistically as human beings. My background is in Occupational Psychology and having assessed thousands of individuals (aged 20 and above) in the working world, I have seen first hand how interventions later in life are too late; after a certain age, beliefs, attitudes, traits and capabilities are very much hardwired in a person. After having children of my own, I set out to understand how we as parents, can lay the foundations for our children at an early age so they have the optimal chance of maximising their potential later in life. I ran my own consulting business before selling it in 2011 after I had my first child. Corporate work is only 20% of what I do now, the rest of the 80% is channeled into my children, charity work and a strong desire to make a difference, touch lives, support parents and learn from those experiences. This group aims to unite parents together in a 3-fold approach: 1) organising parenting chat sessions and workshops so that we can share and learn together. This is rooted in an exploration and understanding of our parenting objectives, our parenting style and our children's personalities, with an emphasis on eco-parenting approaches, inculcating values and instilling resilience and focus in our children 2) organising art sessions to encourage creativity and imagination (it's one of the most basic ways humans have used to express ourselves that harkens back to the caveman days!), and whenever possible, craft sessions using natural, reclaimed and recycled materials 3) organising book-reading sessions where we will read and discuss a book of the month centered around parenting topics such as: sibling harmony, positive discipline, brain development, instilling empathy, building resilience, fostering confidence, toddler taming, etc. As members of this group, we will inspire, uplift and encourage each other to be the best (imperfect) parents we can be. The gatherings and workshops will aim to equip us and our children with skills and knowledge, through experiential encounters and discussions on research about parenting approaches and brain research so we keep on the forefront of our minds and in our actions, what our children (and us!) need to be happy, capable and competent individuals, providing a strong emotional scaffolding to empower them as individuals in this increasingly complex world. Lastly, if these key words jump out at you, then this is your place! : Learning Through Play, Early Childhood Education, Art, Green Parenting, Child Development, Playgroup, Crafts, Parenting Advice, Working and Stay at Home Moms, Environment-Green-Kids-Parents-Moms-Dads, Playdates For Kids, Meeting Other Moms, Eco Friendly Moms, Giving Back, Teaching Financial Literacy, Values-based approach, Compassionate children. Let's together, make our little seedlings grow in to majestic, beautiful oak trees! :)

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