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Maybe I'm Expecting Too Much? And Other Blocks That Keep You Stuck
Ready to learn what you can do to begin to move on from your breakup or divorce? Interested in joining with women in similar situations to share and support, learn and explore, in a mini-workshop on emotional mindfulness? Come join us for the Fierce Love Series. We meet once a month on the third (ish) Saturday morning. Sat August 18th, 10am - 12:30pm Maybe I'm Expecting Too Much? And Other Blocks That Keep You Stuck Is this okay to feel or is there something wrong with ME? Am I being insensitive? If these thoughts sound familiar, this session is for you! We’ll explore the ways that self doubt hijacks our emotional truth and causes us to let go of our boundaries. Through understanding this inner cycle we’ll begin to loosen up the patterns that keep us small. *Become more aware of the ways you tend to lose your boundaries internally so that you can begin to make different choices. *Relate with kindness to the part of you that feels mean, wrong or selfish for having boundaries. *Begin to reclaim your authentic voice! *Share with women who get it, begin to feel less alone, cultivate inner resilience, and create a community of women who can be there for you. This is the second in a three session series (July, August, Sept) on navigating boundaries during your breakup. You can attend just one session or deepen your experience and make new connections by committing to the series. Sat Sept 15th: Care or Caretaking? How to be True to Yourself and Not Feel Like a *itch REGISTRATION DETAILS Space is limited and tickets usually sell out. $35 per session / purchase through Meetup Refund policy No refunds are possible, space is limited and your ticket holds a spot for you that can’t be used by someone else. This meeting will be held at my office in the Marina/Cow Hollow neighborhood of San Francisco. I will send you the location details once you RSVP. If you would like to attend anonymously without joining this Meetup or purchase your ticket through my website, please contact me directly at:[masked],

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What we're about

Are you struggling with the ending of a relationship? Feeling stuck in despair, confusion, anxiety, or hopelessness? Trying to move on but not sure what to do?

Ever feel frustrated by those well meaning folks who advise you to ‘take time for you’, ‘feel your feelings’, or ‘just be alone for a while’?

While you get the wisdom in this advice, most likely no one has ever taught you HOW to do it:

*To be with yourself in a loving way through a non-rational, non-linear process of transformation.

*To navigate the scary loss of your identity.

*To let go in a way that is healing and to allow a new self to emerge on its own timeline.

*To trust that this is happening whether or not you do anything.

The loss of a relationship is one of the hardest life transitions there is. And, usually we come to it quite unprepared with the tools we need for emotional recovery.

The good news is that there IS something you can actually DO! Likely it’s a type of doing that you’ve not encountered before.

When you cut yourself your body knows how to heal, you don’t actually have to do anything to make that happen, right? BUT, you can help the process along by cleaning the wound, applying cream and a bandage.

This FIERCE LOVE kind of doing is like that. Let’s learn together.


This series is for you if you are struggling with any of these symptoms:

*Feeling anxiety and panic, racing heart and shortness of breath

*Desperately trying to convince him you’re the person he needs so he’ll come back

*Constantly tracking him on social media or fighting the urge to

*Obsessing about what you could have done better or what you did wrong

*Thinking that you see him everywhere, searching for him but also dreading seeing him

*Trying to leave the relationship but getting pulled back in

*Dating frantically to try to feel better

*Grasping for a new plan like a job, move, or hobby

*Feeling like the bottom has dropped out, life feels empty

*Feeling guilty for hurting him and working hard to make sure he’s moved on too

*Riding an emotional roller coaster and feeling scared that you can’t keep it together


*You have a basic level of stability in your life since your breakup or divorce, including housing, employment, and enough distance to begin to focus on inner work, usually at least 2-6 months.

*You are thinking about leaving your relationship, unsure about whether to stay or go or struggling to stick to your boundaries.

*You are interested in developing emotional mindfulness tools and using this process as a means of healing and growth.

*You want to feel empowered to do something in a way that ‘takes time for you.’

*You want to feel more in control of your healing process by engaging with your mind, body, and heart.

Please be aware that Meetup is a public online forum and that your profile information is public. If you would like to attend anonymously without joining this Meetup, you can contact me directly at: 415-255-3250,

Because some women contact me directly, there are usually more attendees than you may see listed on the RSVP for the Meetup. You won't be alone!

Jodie Stein, MFT, is a psychotherapist helping women in transition to be fierce about loving themselves. She's excited to offer a new program for post breakup healing called The Fierce Love Project. ( If you are interested in ongoing support after attending this Meetup, please contact Jodie.

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