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Mandarin-English Language Exchange Meetup
Hi Friends, This meetup series is dedicated to all who either speak Mandarin looking to improve English or those who're proficient in English looking to practice Mandarin. You guys could gather here and make an exchange. The format could be 1-on-1, looking for a partner and teaching each other the respective language you speak for perhaps 30min to 1 hour each time. Or you guys could form groups and do group teaching and sharing. Let's start doing this and see if the pattern could be fixed in the future. Thanks~~!!! :) Cheers, Cang Xuan

Clarke Quay Starbucks in the Central

Starbucks in the Central · Singapore

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Hi, welcome to the Serious Language Learners Club!! I'm serious when I mean I want to learn a second language. I bet some of you are as passion-driven as I am, and some expats from the western countries in Singapore are as hungry in mastering some Chinese or other languages skills as well.

I would like us to all meet up and share our known skillsets at an informal setting, and improve our language abilities bit by bit. We could learn a few words a day and some common sayings and culture details over a cup of coffee. We could be each other's teachers. Learning could be fun, and you don't have to have a foreign boyfriend or girlfriend to do that! :P All you need is a good friend and you could master the language (I couldn't say "in no time") soon!! Join us today, and let's begin our cultural journey that would raise you to a whole new level and open your eyes to a whole new world!!! (Imagine the next time you visit an English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese or Korean-speaking country and you take them over the top of the roof!)

Thanks for your kind interest.

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