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We believe that Today's code is Tomorrow's Technical Debt, so we advocate not only introduction of Serverless Technologies but also Serverless Mindset - to achieve business agility through using Managed Services and other people's APIs. (Simply put, Serverless is "Less IT Mess" :)

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P.S. Serverless Toronto is a member of the family of Community-driven Serverless User Groups around the world focused on fostering a community around serverless technologies. Each Serverless User Group is unique, organized by locals, not run for profit, and run according to the following principles:

• Local - Run by local community organizers

• Accessible - Financially and physically accessible to the community

• Representative - Be representative of the broader community within which it exists.

Learn more about Serverless User Group (https://www.meetup.com/pro/serverless).

Upcoming events (3)

3 Serverless Talks: JAMstack, Netlify Functions, Gatsby

Proud to announce a collaboration with one more developer community. This time, we'll share a room with JAMstack Toronto User Group – they are into static website generator, APIs, markup and JavaScript. We’ll explore how: 1. web apps can be built to include pre-rendered user interface elements and dynamic APIs backed with data services – all without needing to manage or maintain your servers. 2. how Netlify lets you deploy serverless Lambda functions without an AWS account, and 3. how Shopify is reshaping e-commerce with Gatsby.js! If you cannot make it to our JAMstack + ServerlessTO "party" at Deloitte, check out this lecture by Phil Hawksworth - internationally renowned JAMstack authority, to see what you'll be missing out on https://youtu.be/D405Cs296d0

Solving your Business Problems with Serverless Architectures – Panel discussion

We decided to start addressing/solving actual problems Businesses have, instead of just talking about existing Architectural solutions - because we believe that will create even more value for those who attend our meetups: 1. Five technologists – Community members, will try to architect your business problem as a Cloud-native application using Serverless Technologies. 2. Send me your business problem/idea via LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/magmainc/) and I’ll share it with the panelists, so we can choose 2-3 problems to solve and discuss as a group that night. 3. Due to the potential sensitivity of the business ideas we’ll be covering, this meetup will NOT be uploaded to YouTube, so make sure to attend in person – if interested in live-brainstorming. Please bring along plenty of enthusiasm and questions - we're looking forward to it being a fun-filled night :) P.S. We're still hoping that AWS Serverless Heroes Slobodan Stojanović & Aleksandar Simović will make a stop in Toronto on their way to AWS re:Invent and be our panelists too... keeping fingers crossed!

re:Invent reCap with Jonathan Dion, Senior Technical Evangelist at AWS

Save the date, because we've got some exciting Serverless stories to share with you from some great local speakers here in Toronto. Please bring along plenty of enthusiasm and questions - we're looking forward to it being a fun-filled night :) P.S. If you'd like to speak too, join our slack community via http://slack.serverlesstoronto.org & add your topic to the #want-to-present channel (https://serverless-toronto.slack.com/messages/CGG6LJGKD

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