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Using Event Streams to orchestrate a Serverless Application
There are many examples where a single Function-as-a-Service (FAAS) can be used in isolation to add some value to your architecture; maybe it's a trigger that runs from your object store, or maybe it's a simple POST handler for your restful API. But how do you build a whole Application out of serverless components? If you start chaining your logic together with functions calling functions, calling functions, you might very quickly run into some anti-patterns of long-running FAAS's, blocking logic, or backoff-retries running up your taxi meter! In this presentation (and a small demo) we'll look at using event flow on a message bus, to orchestrate application logic, and build an extensible foundation that's ready to scale with your business. Presenter Bio: Jonathan Dee of Tiki Springs Inc. is AWS Certified Solutions Architect who helps companies achieve their business objectives by modernizing their technology.

Myplanet (Bank of Upper Canada Building)

252 Adelaide St. E. · Toronto, ON