Application Server-less Web Applications


Serverless is changing the way we build web applications. Instead of the traditional 3-tier architecture where the application server is responsible for everything the client does, Serverless allows us to shift more of the responsibility onto the client. This means that we can completely skip Application Servers!

In this talk we will look at how to:

- Build a simple CRUD API using Serverless on AWS
- Connect to it through a React.js app
- Upload files to S3
- Authenticate your users through Cognito
- Secure your app with AWS IAM


Frank and Jay are founders of Seed (; a fully-managed CI/CD service for Serverless that's used by some of the leading companies in the Serverless community.

They are also authors of Serverless Stack (; the most popular guide to building full-stack Serverless applications. It's read by nearly 30K people every month.

You can find them on Twitter as @fanjiewang & @jayair.


I'm also excited to announce that Manning Publications will continue to donate their awesome video course & eBooks to our STUG meetups! One lucky winner will be able to choose 1 of these 5 titles:

1. Production-Ready Serverless - Yan Cui
2. Serverless Applications with AWS - Marcia Villalba
3. Serverless Architectures on AWS, Second Edition - Peter Sbarski
4. Voice Applications for Alexa and Google Assistant - Dustin Coates
5. The Quick Python Book, Third Edition - Naomi Ceder


and please join us in the charming space to chat, brainstorm & learn together over pizza and soft drinks provided by - leading Serverless Observability vendor.

Daniel ZivKovic
Cloud Solutions Architect at TriNimbus