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Serverless August Meetup: Fn Project and The Serverless RED Architecture

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Doors (and food!) at 6:00 pm. Feel free to hang out and mingle.

6:25 pm - Welcome

6:30 pm - Managing Containers on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, by Sardar Arif Jamal (Oracle)

7:00 pm - The Serverless RED Architecture, by Austen Collins (Serverless)

7:30 pm - Containers, Functions & Serverless - The Fn Project, by Varun Madan (Oracle)

8:00 pm - Closing & raffle prize

More on the talks:
Managing Containers on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure:

Let's talk about managing your containers on Oracle cloud, leveraging Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE) and OCI Registry service.

OKE is a managed Kubernetes service running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). It enables customers to quickly create, manage and consume Kubernetes Clusters that leverage OCI compute, network and storage services, allowing them to focus on deploying and running their containerized applications without having to deploy and maintain their own container orchestration layer. OKE works in conjunction with the OCI Registry, a highly available Docker v2 container registry service, where customers can store their Docker images to launch containers on OKE.


The Serverless RED Architecture

It’s never been easier to write code to react to events thanks to the pay-per-execution and auto-scaling characteristics of serverless computing. Now, it’s time to push the limits. This talk explores a serverless, reactive, event-driven architecture built on serverless compute and other serverless infrastructure. It focuses on a web application, where all data is expressed as events first, enabling you, your teammates and everyone inside your organization to write serverless functions to analyze and act upon all activity within your application. Data becomes democratized and the possibilities are endless.


Containers, Functions & Serverless - The Fn Project

While containers have changed the way we manage and deploy software, functions are changing how we think about it and build it. Developers just want to write and deploy their code. But typically, before you can deploy, you need to allocate the necessary infrastructure including provisioning machines, configuring storage, configuring networking, and so on—all just to run even one line of code. Fortunately, serverless comes to the rescue!

This talk will explore how Containers, Functions and Serverless are changing software development, and how the Fn Project combines these concepts to deliver a serverless framework that eliminates infrastructure concerns entirely. Built on Docker, Fn includes support for writing functions in popular programming languages. All you need is Docker and you're ready to go! With Fn's function==container approach we'll show how easy it is to deploy pre-existing components as functions.


Please enter the building on the side which is on Ringold St. The front entrance will be closed.