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Go beyond the Law of Attraction and participate in the discussions about principles found in Jane Roberts' books and engage in practical group discussions on your questions, challenges, and accomplishments. Workshops designed to help those on their ascension journeys are also offered, as well as access to live channeling sessions sharing wisdom from Infinite Intelligence. Come co-create with us as we explore the Process of Creating The Life You Want. Whether you're new to LOA, or well into your awakening paths, you'll find discussions and information available at all levels of spiritual development.

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5th Dimensional Mind Training For Quantum Manifesting - Live Channeling

Tune in Monday night and tap into channeled wisdom about understanding the Divine creator within you. Understand why it's so important to live through heart coherence, align yourself with the energy frequency of unconditional love, and overcome fear based limiting beliefs.

In an expanded state of consciousness and elevated vibration, Michelle channels the family of teachers called Seth. Also known as The Consciousness Cultivator, Michelle's ability will effectively and accurately communicate vibrational guidance, messages of healing, and transformational empowering information that will help you become the deliberate, purposeful Creator of your own desired life.

Bring any concerns you may have about any topic in your life - no question is off limits! Everyone who contributes a donation will receive a courtesy copy of the audio recording of the session within 24 hours of the session.

Many people are awakening and becoming conscious of a greater reality - a cohesiveness between our physical world and non-physical reality. We are even now experiencing another shift in human consciousness globally.

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Online via Zoom.


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Michelle offers her services for free to all and appreciates all who donate to her ability to continue to bring guidance forward for everyone who is seeking it on their ascension journeys. Donation Love Energy Exchanges from the heart are appreciated and helps to keep this information available for everyone. Much gratitude!
We truly appreciate your donations!

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Private coaching, regression, and other spiritual services are also available from Michelle. Links below.

We've all heard 'You Create Your Reality', but what does that really mean? It's the essential question of the 21st century and this special event will give you the information that answers that question.

———— Recommendations from other attendees ————
"I attended an online session with Seth and it was amazing. Seth opens with a talk and it was exactly what I need to hear. It was so powerful that I had a shift in my consciousness that I felt both physically and emotionally. It was life-changing!"

“This is the time of the Great Shift. Bring your most important question to Seth. The answer will be deeper than you anticipated.”
D. D.
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——— About Michelle ———
As an educator of the quantum mechanics of the Law of Attraction, Michelle navigates clients through the Process of Creating the Life You Want through her multi-pronged approaches and through her speaking engagements. Michelle provides Past Life Regressions (PLR), Future Life Progressions (FLP), Live Channeling sessions, and Vibrational Coaching services as “now time” tools that are designed to transform spiritual growth and assist in the expansion of her clients’ consciousness. Visit https://theconsciousnesscultivator.com/ for more information.

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Crystal Bowl Sound Bath & Reiki Healing

30 Jackson Rd

Join spiritual teacher and Reiki Master Beth O'Brien as she brings attendees to spiritual, mental, and physical levels of healing and relaxation with the vibrational healing sounds of the crystal bowls. At the molecular level, these chakra sounds help your own body to heal and break up any blockages that are in the body.

All the while, you will also receive the universal healing called Reiki which helps the body to heal itself.

Everyone will also get an Angel card reading at the end for everyday life guidance to help you be at your best.

Bring your yoga mat/blanket, pillow or whatever you're comfortable with.
Reserve your spot at: https://www.vagaro.com/excitariwellnesscenter

1. Click on 'Classes'
2. Scroll to the date September 28, then 7:00 pm and Sign Up.
Registration Fee: $30

About Beth

Beth is a psychic medium, Reiki Master, ordained minister, and paranormal investigator. She offers private Reiki sessions, angel card readings, mediumship readings, gallery readings as well as guided meditations, group classes and spiritual retreats.

*Registration fee is not transferable to other services at Excitari. No show attendee fees are not refundable.

Numerology And Angels - An Evening With Matt Penner

30 Jackson Rd

Join Matt as he discusses hot topics of Numerology that are informative and beneficial to you!

These hot topics include:

What exactly is Numerology
Why we are "more than just one number"
The significance of October
The transition from the energies of the 1 (1000's) to the 2 (2000's)
Why did the world change rapidly in 2020
What to expect going forward

Also learn how your birth date correlates to your life path, your place in the world and the Universe.

Understanding these Numerology topics can provide more clarity for yourself and more understanding of the energetic changes in society that we are all apart of.

At the end of the discussion, Matt will pull an Angel card and give an inspirational angel message.

We hope to see you there!

Event Time: 7 pm - 7:45 pm

Seating is limited and reservations are required - You can make your reservations at:

1. Click on Classes, then go to date, select event and sign up.
Or call (856)[masked] to make your reservation
Registration fee: $10

*Registration fee is not transferable to other services at Excitari. No show attendee fees are not refundable.

Divinity In Motion Dance Class

30 Jackson Rd

Join us for this popular event that is getting rave reviews from attendees! Sign up for the Divinity In Motion Dance Class with Cheryl – The Healing Dancer and Reiki Master.

Join Certified Reiki Master Cheryl Mazza tonight and receive healing for anything that is needed at this time. Experience an evening of energy balance and healing through dance, Reiki, and Angels. No dance, energy healing or angel experience is needed. All you need is an intention to receive healing, passion, a love to dance, and help others. One Angel Card Reading is given at the end of class.

Wear comfortable clothing that you can move in, bring some water to keep hydrated and your yoga mat/towel or a pillow to sit or lay on for the end of the class.

Dance Your Dance! Limited class of 10 participants; reserve your spot ASAP at: https://www.vagaro.com/excitariwellnesscenter

1. Click on 'Classes'
2. Scroll to the date Oct 1, then 7 pm and Sign Up.
Registration Fee: $35

Energy healing is all about intention. Please come to class with an intention for healing in mind. You do not need to share this intention with anyone but yourself if you do not feel comfortable sharing it with the group. If you cannot think of anything specific, that is ok too. The intention then would be to receive healing for anything that is needed at this time.

Everyone will also receive a one card Angel Card Reading at the end of the class.

*Registration fee is not transferable to other services at Excitari. No show attendee fees are not refundable.

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Tea Leaf Reading Class (Tasseography)

30 Jackson Rd

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