What we're about

We are a photography club located in Worcester, MA. We meet twice a month throughout the year at the Salem Covenant Church, 215 MountainSt., East.

Professionals, come and share your knowledge, and meet with other professionals
Amateurs, come and share your love of the medium.
Beginners, come with open minds and get inspired.

We are about enjoying, and learning more about, all aspects of photography. Our activities include educational programs, guest speakers, club photo outings, competitions with other clubs, programs/projects with other clubs, critiques, exhibits, and special events.

The club is a member of NECCC, New England Camera Club Council.

New members are always welcome and you can join at any time throughout the year. Come to one of our club meetings and learn more.

There is more club information in our PAGES section. See above.

You do not have to be a club member to join this meetup site and keep track of club activities, so sign up now (at no charge).

Note: to become a club member you must come to a club meeting, sign up for the club membership, and pay your dues. Dues information is posted under the Pages section above.

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Bancroft Tower

FREE FOR PAID MEMBERS. LIMITED TO 10 PARTICIPANTS $20.00 cash or check only for UNPAID MEMBERS If you are an unpaid member you will receive instruction from our treasurer on how to send your check to hold your spot. Due to the limited number of RSVP's we cannot hold a spot without payment, we apologize for this inconvenience. BE PREPARED TO SOCIAL DISTANCE AND BRING A MASK! We will do light painting at Bancroft Tower. You will need a tripod, remote shutter release and a flashlight. A wide angle/landscape lens is suggested, but bring whatever you have. Don't forget bug-spray. 7HCC will provide the props, lighting and and instructions to make this event successful. Participtation limited to 10 for safe social distancing Rain Date: Wed. Aug 12, 2020 Bancroft Tower is on Bancroft Tower Road in Worcester. You can find driving directions online. Heading West on Institute Road go Right onto Farnum St and follow to the Tower. If you wish to join Membership is $35.00 June through May - $45.00 for couples. Send a message to Mary Newth, treasurer if you are interested!

August Monthly Challenge .......Shadows

Online event

Shadows.......Post your photographs here by the end of August THIS CHALLENGE IS OPEN TO EVERYONE! THERE IS NO ACTUAL MEETING NIGHT PLANNED FOR THIS CHALLENGE. This is an online only event......Please take the challenge. You can add your image on this site. THIS EXERCISE IS TO GET US ALL OUT TO TAKE SOME NEW PHOTOS DURING THIS MONTH and have some fun and challenge us with our photography. Let's see what you can dream up. Please leave feedback on photos and vote on the best.



Hello fellow members. We have not been able to meet for a while now and hope everyone is well. MEMBERSHIP DUES were due the end of June. 7HCC officers met recently to decide how to proceed in these times. The church has offered us space in the gym with safety procedures that would need to be followed. After much discussion, we have decided to revisit our options in early September. We feel that indoor meetings would be difficult to do safely and comfortably at this time. We do feel that outdoor photoshoots limited to 6-8 participants with masks and social distancing are the one way we can meet until things are safer. MEMBERSHIP DUES were due the end of June. You can mail your dues to me at: Mary Newth 298 Webster St Worcester, MA 01603 Membership dues are $35. year Individual - $45. year Family These dues are to cover our costs for renting our meeting room, MeetUp costs, speakers, judges, NECCC dues, costs associated with the Multiscreen event and for items purchased for our Hands-On events. Though we have fewer events we do still have financial responsibilities. We are postponing our annual meeting where we vote for our officers due to the timing of all of this. Please consider nominating someone or stepping up yourself. We need to fill the President, Vice-president and Secretary positions this year. We will work on a way to vote on the MeetUp site. Both of our Multiscreen Competitions have been cancelled. BUT…We plan to use the 2020 Multiscreen photos in the Dropbox when we return to our meetings. We will work on a way to vote for the best in each category. We do not want all of your work to go to waste. And remember the 2021 Multiscreen is still in effect, so look at the categories and let’s get out there and do some photography. We all feel bad that our club is unable to do more than this. Please remember that we have a Facebook site https://www.facebook.com/7HCCWorcester/ and would love for you to participate. It is nice to see each other’s work and to keep in touch in whatever way we can. Please get back to Jody or myself with any comments or concerns, and more importantly is you see a way for us to be more active until things become safer. Thank you and Stay Safe! Mary Newth, treasurer 7HCC Jody Doherty, president Karon Heerdt, vice-president Priscilla Messenger, secretary JoAnn Audette, past secretary

Rutland Prison Camp & Grist Mill

Rutland Prison Camp

YOU MUST HAVE PAID YOUR MEMBERSHIP TO ATTEND LIMITED TO 10 PARTICIPANTS NESTLED WITHIN MASSACHUSETTS’ RUTLAND STATE Park are the ruins of an old prison complex where drunkards would be put to work growing potatoes for more hardened criminals. The prison was built in 1903 to house minor offenders such as drunkards and the like, and contained a fully-functioning co-op farm to keep them busy and productive The Grist Mill was built in 1719 to grind corn and grain into flour. In 1724 it was attacked by the indigenous people and burned down. I'm not sure but it might have been King Phillip's tribe. Later it was used to make axe and hammer handles.

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July Monthly Challenge BIRDS, BUGS and BEES

Online event

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