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Ebiz Workshop II: Persusive Writing For Maximum Sales!

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The #1 Reason why most business owners are stuck is because they are not able to persuade, or convince their customers about the true value of their products and services.

Most business owners are unsure of what to say on their websites and advertisements.

Join Imran for a 1 night only event, where he will be sharing the following:

• How to instantly hook your target market and entice them to buy

• How to increase your prices without losing any customers, via the power of Persuasive Writing

• Learn how to Differentiate your business from the rest, via the power of "Differentiation Communication Writing" Discover why and how good persuasive writing can DOUBLE your sales conversion rates

• Find out how you can use the power of "Social Proof" in your websites, to get what Imran calls the "Apple Effect"

• Use the 6 weapons of influence in your writing, so that readers will feel compelled to buy more Uncover the hidden secrets of Buyer Psychology, and how to write to appeal to these buyers and cause them to whip out their credit cards

• Find out Imran's favourite 360 Degrees of Attention-Getting Power

• Learn how to Crush Your Competition With Extreme Specificity

• How to write so that your customers accept your words with authority and expertise

And learn so much more in this content packed 3 hour event, held for 1 night only, on the 15th of January 2013.

Imran is the founder of 5 successful businesses, in the fields of art, sports, publishing, education, and also consulting. He credits his ability of building businesses from scratch to his learned expertise in being persuasive and compelling in his marketing communications with customers.

Imran believes that the power of persuasion is something that ALL business owners can learn and benefit from in 2014.

Imran is also a published author of 2 books, and is also co-creator of Kaizen Business Principles with Brian Tracy.

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