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This group is all about playing table tennis/ping pong. And serious exercise!

Upcoming events (4+)

🏓 Wed (10/8) 12-2pm HeartBeat@Bedok (Not for Beginners)

Location visible to members

SG Table Tennis (Intermediate & above).

Beginners kindly do not RSVP because I am responsible to ensure group play dynamics is not affected. Thank you.

Need your Meetup message function ON so I can reach you for confirmation and other announcement. If unable to seek confirmation, may have to give the slot to those who can confirm. Thank you.

Hosted by R.A.


Only for experienced, vaccinated & intermediate level and above players.


Things to take note:

  • Pls message me at[masked] or drop a private message here if you have any questions.
  • Proper dressing is expected; no sandals, slippers or barefoot allowed.
  • Do bring your own bat. Balls would be provided.
  • If for some reason you aren't able to make it on that day, please remove yourself from the RSVP list so as to not deprive those in the waiting list a chance to play.


  • Failed to turn up on the event day , or
  • Failed to inform early that they aren't able to make it, or
  • Failed to withdraw RSVP when they cannot make it

You would be liable for the session you failed to show up

REPEATED OFFENDERS (2 times) who RSVP on next Meetup may get to drop down to "NOT GOING" List.
• Find us at HeartBeat@Bedok, Level 4
We like communications. Any issues or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Seng kang sports hub level 2 ac room. Look for low intermediate above

Needs a location

Pls make sure your message us turned on

Wednesday Jurong West Sports Hall - Doubles Challenge

Needs a location

Doubles Challenge (August 10th)

-Matches start at 7:15pm.
-8 Teams formed at random.
-Double Elimination Bracket.
-Each Series - 1 Single (bo3 11pts), 1 Doubles (bo3 11pts), 1 Single (bo3 11pts),
Win 2 to win the series. Before each series, each team decide on who plays the 1st or 2nd single by writing it down (phone also can). Once both team has decided, they reveal the sequence to their opponent, and the complete matchup for the series is decided.

Participants: Preferably from lower Intermediate to upper Intermediate level; No age limit.

Priority is given to regulars, intermediate-level players, and players who have their private message function switched on. If you don't have it switched on, I cannot ask for your availability and skill level, etc

Please bring your own bat. balls will be provided. Thanks.

We will be collecting $2 per person. Please pay on the day before your games. Thanks!

Any cancellation of slots on the day of the event will result in a $2 penalty unless a suitable replacement player is found to take over the slot.

Any no-show will result in a $2 penalty.

Table 2,3,4,9

TT Wednesday, 10 August 2022 @ Clementi 3 tables (Table 01, 02, and 07)

Welcome back to our Wednesday meetup table tennis group. Please ensure your meetup messaging service is turned-on before you click to register.

Kindly ensure that you are fully Vaccinated (past 14 days after 3rd dose) before signing up for this event.

*Priority to be given to regular before open to the public.
Things to note:

  1. Please bring your own bat. Please turn up at 750pm outside to register.
  2. Please find us at tables:
  3. Table 1: Chua BK
  4. Table 2: Tarn How
  5. Table 3: Andy Ng
  6. Two hours of practice and friendly matches for higher beginner and above players.
  7. Our prioritization goes like this, Regular Player -> Player who had joined before -> New faces
  8. For new members if you have any queries, pm me.
  9. If you are in the playlist, please update D-48 hours if you are not coming, so we can find replacement in time. Avoid last minute cancellation.
  10. Please turn on your Meetup messaging service. In case of slot open up, we need to contact you to ensure you will turn up for the game. Otherwise we would give it to someone else.
  11. If you are not feeling well, please inform us and dont come to the meetup. Inform us as early as possible so we can find your replacement.


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4 tables @ Jurong West Sports Hall

Needs a location

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