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The Shaman Circle of Cape Cod/Shamanism & Christianity invites you to be a part of an open-minded community that shares the desire to learn, practice and exchange experiences of your own lifestyle as a personal path to spiritual growth and healing. The Circle's creation was motivated by the desire to bring together a local community of individuals who are connected to the Earth, our Selves, our Shadow Selves, to Spirit and to God (Yes! God!) in order to live in wholeness for ourselves, our communities, and our planet.

I have facilitated this group for almost SEVEN years! Now I am exploring a new path, Shamanism & Christianity, and invite members to help co-create!!! Not Shamanism OR Christianity, like we may be used to thinking, but instead, Shamanism AND Christianity. It may seem a juxtaposition, but, in truth, these are absolutely natural and aligned with each other.

For those interested in Shamanism, Wicca, etc., the very word "Christianity" can make the heart pound (and not with rapture!) or fill one with dread. Memories of a church, pastor, priest or family steeped in Christian tradition may conjure up past traumas. Why these are still traumatic is because the underlying basis of these feelings were never resolved. The Church, the Bible, Jesus, God, The Holy Spirit, Blessed Mother are all interwoven into shamanistic practice, if we but look & see.

For many Christians, this will seem like an invitation to abandon the Christian commitment. It certainly is an abandonment of the stance of "warrior Christianity" which sees no benefit from non-Christian traditions. Yet I have found that what seems like a recipe for the disintegration and abandonment of two once-seemingly diametrically opposed belief systems, has, in practice, had quite the opposite result.

I have discovered that the spiritual resources of shamanism confirm and illuminate many features of traditional Christian faith. Prayer, prophetic inspiration, encounters with spirits, angels and demons, miracles and spiritual healing are clarified and verified by what we find in shamanic stories.

The shamanic world view challenges Christians to draw on faith if we are all to stand united and not be overcome by the negative entities and forces that we encounter in our chaotic world today.

An appreciation of positive qualities in shamanism also challenges Christianity to revisit the history of misunderstanding and persecution of shamans and shamanic communities by Christians, and, lest we forget, the persecution and crucifixion of Christians by other non-Christian peoples! There is need here for a readiness for forgiveness, repentance and even restitution, as we recall that "God" is a God of justice & Love, and not the condemning God of Western Civilization.

I invite all members to help co-create this new "path" of which I speak. No one that I know of is doing this, so let's set our feet where the sand is untrodden, and, of course, IT IS TIME!!! The time is NOW!

The Circle still shares Sweat Lodge, Mediumship, herbal remedies, Spirit Animals and lots more! It is from the gathering of these skills and experiences that if inspired, we may move forward with the sharing of resources to further us along on a deeper spiritual path.

All are welcome into the Shaman Circle of Cape Cod.

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