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Shamanic Journey Circle -for Experienced Journeyers
This Circle is open to journeyers with experience in Upper and Lower World Journeying, using the drum as the vehicle, and who have met their Power Animal and / or Spirit Teacher. In this Shamanic Journey Circle we will access the tremendous support and insight available to us in the Worlds of Spirit as we journey into non-ordinary reality, to work with our Compassionate Helping Spirits for personal exploration, spiritual guidance, and community. This Circle works with the sonic driven journey approach of Core Shamanism, as taught by Michael Harner, or by Sandra Ingerman. Our approach is to honor the ability of the individual to find guidance and aid through accessing their Compassionate Helping Spirits. Prerequisite: Experience with successful Upper and Lower World Journeying, and established relationships with a Power Animal and / or Teacher. Donation: $10 - $25 New participants, do you have experience with Upper and Lower World journeying, and with your Power Animal and/or Teacher? Please send me a message to let me know: [masked]. Please email me directly outside of meetup for Circle specifics and directions. May the journey begin!

Please send your email address for directions and details · Asheville, NC

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