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We are a spiritual group that enjoys the coming together of community lightworkers sharing our journeys. We offer meditations, healing energy, and many different workshops. Come join us!

We welcome everyone and encourage all to share their expertise and offerings. If you have an event or gathering you wish to share, please contact the group organizer for postings. There is no charge to post, but in exchange for being able to promote for free, we encourage event hosts to offer something at no cost at some point, so the knowledge and spiritual expansion of this group can be available to all regardless of their finances.

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Shamanic Dying & Beyond: Psycopomp & End of Life Transition Support Training

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The Greek word "psychopomp" refers to an individual who accepts the important responsibility for escorting the souls of our dead into the Afterlife. In our culture, we have lost touch with the important work of tending the souls of our dead so that that their transition may be completed when assistance is needed. As a result, we may feel the pressing need to step up to the task of tending the souls of our dead, and offering assistance in this liminal transition. If you are feeling provocative stirrings upon reading this info, it may be the call to take part in this important work. In this workshop we will explore the shamanic perspective on death and dying, and actively engage with the power of death as a profound path of shamanic initiation. We will learn ways in which to help those who are engaged in the end of life process to prepare for their imminent passing, and discuss ways in which a successful crossing may be inhibited. Techniques will be explored for assisting disembodied souls whose crossing was unsuccessful to complete their journey to the Afterlife. Ways in which to cultivate a path of power so that we may be power-filled when engaging in shamanic work will be discussed. We will explore the cosmology of the Afterlife, hold a ceremony for assisting a group of discarnate souls who are seeking assistance in completing their way to the Afterlife, and offer psychopomp assistance to a loved one who has passed on. We will also discuss the ethics and principles for doing Psychopomp work, as well as the the use of language and the importance of a respectful perspective surrounding each individual's personal paradigm regarding their spiritual beliefs surrounding death and dying. The instructor, Gail Gulick, is authorized by Sandra Ingerman as a teacher and practitioner of psychopomp and other shamanic healing techniques. Pre-Requisites: * Demonstrated success with shamanic journeying, including: Upper and lower world journeying. * A strong relationship with your power animal and spirit teacher. This training is designed for participants who are experienced with shamanic journeying, and allied with their compassionate helping spirits, and is not intended as a vehicle for participant's own healing. Tuition: $200 Residential accommodations are not included. Please email Gail for an application: [masked], or see dreamtimejourneys.net for more info All the blessings in all the worlds to you! Gail ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Shining Grove Sanctuary, Hot Springs, NC: 1 - 5 day residences

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Looking for individuals interested in becoming part of the evolution of Shining Grove Sanctuary in Hot Springs, NC. The environment is primitive with a guest tiny cottage in progress which can shelter up to two volunteers. We will work on that first for your comfort. SGS is gated for our privacy and is accepting applications and interviews for participants wishing to exchange their creativity and work for room and board. Day visitors are more than welcome. Opportunities include short term residence 1 to 5 days. Other arrangements may be discussed in time. Shining Grove focuses on serving the greater WNC earth friendly community welcoming those whose spiritual vocabulary includes Qi Gung, yoga, Reiki, Buddhism, meditation, geomancy, pyramid energies, Tai Chi, Gaia, women's and/or mens studies, Wicca, visionary and shamanic practices, drumming, Zen, trance work, holistic medicine, American Indian ways, intention work, and the like. The founder may share guidance where the fit is fertile for growth. We will open and supply sacred space for your personal journey and group involvement. Once complete, capacity will be around twenty people. Opportunities presently exit for use of stone circle. Please feel free to call Stone at[masked]. Shining Grove offers a smoke and drug free environment. Skills needed: painting- both artistic and residential, able to carry up to 50lbs without pain or injury, landscaping such as digging and planting, chop wood, and basic helper abilities as we perform carpentry and masonry. Some of these simply mean, holding a board or mixing some concrete etc. =-) This type of assistance will make the difference, thank you. https://www.facebook.com/stonehelix.7355079/posts/10210016122057435

Awakening Support Group

Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism


This group is dedicated to the growing number of people interested in Awakening to their True Nature. We explore the experience of simply Being through: | Self-Inquiry | Presence | Surrender | Gratitude | Meditation | In this group we discuss ways to: • Transcend egoic mind patterns • See the gift in challenging situations • Live your Life’s Purpose • Find lasting Inner Peace Group meetings consist of Meditation, Video Satsang (watching videos of spiritual teachers) and a Sharing Circle (optional). Donations of any amount are welcomed. No one will be turned away due to lack of funds. (Donate online at https://tinyurl.com/awakeningsupport) Tuesdays from 6:30 to 8:30 Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism 2 Westwood Place, Asheville About the Facilitator: Trey Carland, author of “A Seeker’s Guide to Inner Peace: Notes to Self,” has been hosting Awakening group meetings since 2007. “My passion is sharing the gift of Awakening with the World.” (Read More at http://www.treycarland.com) Comments: "The Truth of our Being is ever present, yet veiled under a veneer of conditioned beliefs that give birth to an apparent separate self. Trey is a rare example of one who has seen through the illusion of the separate self. In the months that I have sat with Trey, he has helped me to see what I am not. If you are seeking Truth, I encourage you to sit with Trey. He is highly skilled at facilitating the unveiling the Self that you are. Who knows? You may just meet Yourself again for the first time." ~ Doug D. "Trey Carland embodies perfectly the quote, "still waters run deep." I happened upon Trey several years ago through his spiritual awakening group. From this experience, Trey appeared to me as a wise Sage. Trey is accepting and patient with people. His demeanor is calm and loving. For me, it was evident that the stillness of Trey's soul, is like a shimmering river that runs endlessly, with much depth. With celebration, I am blessed for having him as a friend. " ~ John K.

Celtic Journey Circle: Imbolc & the Goddess Brigit

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In our monthly series of Celtic journey circles, this month we will prepare for Imbolc, and the first light of Spring. We will journey to meet the Goddess Brigit as her special time of year approaches, and work with her sacred energy in preparation for this season of early Spring. This weekly Circle has been meeting under the loving guidance of Gail Gulick in the Asheville area since 2006. Gail's training includes authorization by Sandra Ingerman as a teacher of Soul Retrieval and other shamanic healing techniques, as well as deep training in the Celtic shamanic ways. Gail has been a shamanic mask-maker since 1989, and a life-long practitioner of esoteric healing and consciousness-raising techniques. No journeying experience required. Admission: $12 To RSVP, please sign up on meetup, And email me directly for Circle info and directions: "[masked]". You will only receive directions if you email me directly. May the journey begin!

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