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欢迎来到深圳 Kafka Meetup, 我们这个meetup希望能让使用或者学习Kafka的同学聚在一起学习交流使用Apache Kafka以及其他相关数据处理工具的心得。此外我们还有一个位于北京的meetup活动组织:

我们每次交流活动包含3到5个topic,每个topic包含一个30 ~ 45分钟的分享和5分钟的提问时间。

我们有一个Apache Kafka的微信群,由于人数限制,现在不能直接扫码进群,要进群者请扫一下这个号,注明加入kafka讨论群组,组织者会把你拉进大群,Cheers! Let's talk about Kafka.

以下是Confluent 用于支持Apache Kafka的Slack社区:

**** Join our Slack Channel for live, global interaction! **** (

This Meetup Group will focus on the Apache Kafka® technology and its ecosystem, also allowing its members to interact and share their use cases, do and don't, how to's, etc.

If you want to hear about a particular topic please let us know and we will try to find the best possible speaker. We are also very open to this being an interactive platform for the community, so if you would like to participate in other ways like speaking, hosting, writing a blog, etc, please let us know on

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