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Mesos User Group in Shenzhen ! 深圳Mesos用户组!

Please refer to http://mesos.apache.org/community/user-groups/ for the definition of what MUG (Mesos User Group) is

This MUG is established to have Mesos devs that are working for companies such as Huawei and Tencent which are based in Shenzhen, or even folks from Hongkong, to have a local Meetup for brainstorming or other activities.

We also welcome Mesos devs that are not native Chinese speaker to join our gathering. I believe Chinese Mesos devs in general would have no problem to have English speaking meetups.

The topics would be , but not limited to, as the following:

1) docker, coreos and mesos

2) k8t and mesos

3) Exokernel OS like Osv or MirageOS, with Mesos

4) Mesos and OpenStack

5) More ...

Both sharing experiences from development and general crash courses on those topics are welcomed.


目前这个MUG已经正式得到Mesos社区的批复,欢迎大家提议我们第一次聚会的时间地点话题等等等:P 微博地址是 http://weibo.com/szmug

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