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Welcome! What are we doing here?

Our focus is to create an environment where we can help shape the conversation around short-term rental hosting in San Francisco. Our goal is to be a resource to hosts and property owners in the short-term rental community. Our areas of interest include regulatory issues, property rights, the impact of short-term rentals on affordable housing, new development projects in San Francisco and best-practices in property management.

To contact the Organizer, please email homesharersdemclub@gmail.com Messages left on Meetup are infrequently read and responded to.

People who will get the most value out of joining us:

• Short-term rental owners

• Short-term rental managers

• Traditional property managers

• Real estate agents and brokers

• Multi-family housing landlords

• Owners and managers of retail businesses, bars and restaurants in San Francisco

• Leaders of neighborhood associations and community organizations involved in housing issues

• Those interested in affordable housing and the political scene surrounding those issues in San Francisco

People who probably won't get much value out of joining us:

• Room-sharing, room-renting and couch surfing community members. (NOTE: We have no issues with those communities, they're simply focused on different issues than us. There are plenty of thriving organizations in that world that are easy to find via Meetup, Facebook, Couchsurfing.org, etc.)

• Negative nellies. We always welcome healthy debate and intelligent arguments, but we have an optimistic view of the short-term rental world and like to keep our conversations focused in that direction.

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