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Shut Up and Picnic! (North San Jose)

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Looking out at the beautiful weather and itching to enjoy it? Torn between your impulse to write and your lust for fresh air? Get both! Spend your lunch time writing in the sun.

We'll meet at the round picnic tables near the playground at River Oaks Park, at the corner of River Oaks Pkwy and Cisco Way/Crescent Village Cir. There is more than one set of picnic tables, so if you don't immediately see the group, keep looking. I (Brenna) will wear a big floppy hat. Becky will wear a flower clip in her hair. We'll probably have a little sign with us, too.

12:00 – Introductions, set up, chat.

12:15 – Shut up and Write (and Picnic). As the title of Shut Up & Write! Silicon Valley makes clear, the purpose of the group is to quietly write in the company of other writers. If you arrive after 12:15, please try to respect others' concentration and join us quietly. If you are looking for social hour, go talk to other people in the park, or wait until 1:15 – Talk, or not, as you see fit.

To thoroughly enjoy your time, consider:

*This is an outdoor location. On a sunny day, some table space is shaded and some is not. Consider bringing a hat, sunscreen, parasol or whatever else will keep you comfortable and keep your screen/writing surface enjoyable. There is nearby lawn space, if you prefer to lay out in the sun.
*If you are using an electronic device, make sure your battery will last.
*There is no food or drink service at the park. Bring your own.
*At lunch time, this is an active park. Nearby are spaces heavily used by dogs and small children, as well as adults. If you cringe at the presence of any of these life forms, this might not be the meeting for you.
*There is a lot of construction going on in the neighborhood; don't be surprised by traffic delays.

If the weather turns uncomfortable (<60-65 F or >80-85 F or so), windy, or wet, we will announce an indoor location in the vicinity instead.

Looking forward to writing with you!

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