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Cross Peak
Please Read This Before You RSVP For a Trip ( This hike is passed on by Martin and is my regular training hill. My goal is to work up to summiting the peak, back down and around (semi-circle at the bottom to the east) and back up up six trips, fifteen minutes per pass. This will be a regular, weekly hike on Wednesdays with the start time moving forward in time as the days get longer. We'll start with one ascent the first two Wednesdays and I'll be bumping the iterations every two weeks. Here is the schedule for the next twelve weeks: Wed, Feb 7 - 1 ascent/summit Tue, Feb 13 - 1 ascent/summit < cancelled due to weather Wed, Feb 21 - 1 ascent/summit < Quail Valley Road to Lost Mine Road to Cold Canyon Road alternate loop Wed, Feb 28 - 1 ascent/summit Wed, Mar 7 - 2 ascents/summits < cancelled due to weather Wed, Mar 14 - 3 ascents/summits < cancelled due to weather Tue, Mar 20 - 3 ascents/summits < Quail Valley Road to Lost Mine Road to Cold Canyon Road alternate loop Wed, Mar 28 - 2 ascents/summits Wed, Apr 4 - 2 ascents/summits Wed, Apr 11 - 3 ascents/summits Wed, Apr 18 - 3 ascents/summits Wed, Apr 25 - 4 ascents/summits Wed, May 2 - 4 ascents/summits Wed, May 9 - 5 ascents/summits Wed, May 16 - 5 ascents/summits Wed, May 23 - 6 ascents/summits All on the same hill, Cross Peak. Up, down, around and back up again, 'n' summits per the above schedule. The first two weeks, with only one ascent, we'll do a loop to the south first to warm up, put some distance on it. Starting February 21st we'll go straight in, start doing multiple summits. Hill work, training for the heart, lungs, calves and thighs.On the 'Fluffy' scale (see my bio) this hike is rated 'Husky,' but will move to 'Fluffy' and 'D^yum' as we up the ascent count through the spring. Let's meet at the end of Pinehaven Rd. The hike will start on a dirt road, connect to a trail and then climb up a steep ascent (800' in .3m) to the Cross Peak Memorial. From the top, we'Il come down the backside of the peak. It has loose rocks, steep climbs and lots of dried grass, but the rewards are beautiful views of Reno, a nicely done memorial (atop the peak) and a wonderful sunset on the return trip. Bring poles, good hiking shoes, water, snack if needed. This hike is rated as moderately strenuous due to several steep, although relatively short, climbs. It will be a good workout! When weather (snow, ice or mud) precludes going up Cross Peak we'll do an alternate Quail Valley Road to Lost Mine Road to Cold Canyon Road loop 2.5 miles out and back, 5 miles total just to keep this one on the board, get out and get some exercise. Dogs on leashes okay, children, tennis shoes okay (unless there is mud, then boots with a grip are recommended). Hiking poles may be liked by some doing the one uphill part but they are not needed. For those with foot problems, this hike might be of some challenge to you. Sign-in and liability waiver required. We ask a $1 donation to our outings leader training fund. For more information about the Sierra Club, its mission, history, and other events, please see ( Membership in the Sierra Club is NOT a requirement to participate in any of our hikes. See you there for fun and friendship! And beers after the hike.

Pinehaven Rd

Pinehaven Rd · Reno, Ne


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Friends and members of the Sierra Club,

Thank you for choosing to join us on one of our outings - a 100+ year tradition of the Sierra Club! For many decades, volunteers of our local group, the Great Basin Group, have lead outings throughout the region. Areas of the region include the greater Reno area, the Sierra Nevada mountains, and the vast interior of the state of Nevada.

We are not "just another Meetup group". The Sierra Club has been in existence for over 125 years. Our mission is to "Explore, enjoy, and protect the planet". Our volunteer outings leaders will, at a minimum, have basic first aid training and go through a mentoring process with veteran outings leaders before becoming outings leaders themselves. That is the minimum that you can expect. Many of our outings leaders will have decades of experience leading outings in our region and have many wonderful outdoor secrets to share with you!

Almost all trips posted on this website are Sierra Club outings - all participants must sign a Sierra Club Sign-in Sheet and Liability Waiver ( at the trailhead before we begin each outing. If you have any question about the difficulty of the outing and whether you have the appropriate fitness, and/or equipment to participate, contact the outing leader before the day of the outing. During the outing, expect to remain with the outings leader during the entire outing, unless there is a co-leader (this is for safety and liability reasons). If you plan on bringing a dog, please ask the outing leader of the trip for permission and special instructions before the day of the outing.

You do not have to be a Sierra Club member to participate in our outings.

All participants will be asked to donate $1 to the Sierra Club Great Basin Group every time they join us for an outing to fund our outings leader training programs.

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