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The legendary original ₿itcoin Meetup. Meeting since May 2011, the Silicon Valley Bitcoin Meetup aims to deliver the most current trends, thought leaders and innovators helping to take ₿itcoin, blockchain technologies, and cryptocurrencies mainstream.

Come network with developers, entrepreneurs and more while hearing from speakers representing every part of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

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(Virtual) Future of Mining: Can Bitcoin take society beyond Type I Civilization?

RSVP on Eventbrite: https://go.svbtc.org/eventbrite-2020-07 RSVP on Facebook: https://go.svbtc.org/facebook-2020-07 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is Silicon Valley Bitcoin's first ONLINE-ONLY event. And unlike those other online conferences, we're structuring it in a way that will have you glued to your monitor... === TOPIC: === Mining bitcoin is among the most competitive industries in the world. The advantage is gained by miners who can shave fractions of a penny off their energy costs or have access to the latest ASIC chips before the others... BUT the real breakout winners are the miners who fundamentally think differently about energy sourcing and consumption. These are the entrepreneurs founding cross-disciplinary businesses to subsidize massive electricity needs. They operate in public energy markets, find and harness excess production, seek out the coldest, best-ventilated places on earth to maintain an edge in a never-ending race. Some think Proof Of Work's (PoW) unquenchable energy consumption is going to ravage the planet's resources just to win some block rewards. However, other visionaries think just the opposite. These renegades of economics point to Bitcoin's reward in the race for hashpower as THE VERY INCENTIVE our planet needs as miners are pushed to find cheaper, effective, and sustainable forms of generating electricity... potentially leading to the holy grail of scientific discoveries: FREE ENERGY. The impact on humanity will be innumerable. Join us as Silicon Valley Bitcoin and George Burke host our panelists of the most innovative crypto miners in the world: - Marco Streng - CEO, Genesis Mining - one of the largest mines and cloud mining operations in the world, located in Iceland. - Marty Bent - Tales from the Crypt podcast host, co-founder of Great American Mining Co. - harnessing free, excess energy from oil/gas drilling rigs. - Leo Zhang - CEO of Anicca Research - studies the emerging phenomenon of hashpower as a new asset class. - Marshall Long - CEO of Hashers United, FinalHash - created first group mining pool. Designed and operated mines throughout the world. - Mike Maloney - Co-founder, Galaxy Digital, CFO of CoinMint - hydro-powered mine in Upstate NY, operating as a public utility company to buy/sell energy on the open market. === SCHEDULE: === 9:30am - welcome and intro by George Burke 9:35am - five-min intros by panelists 10:00am - panel discussion 10:45am - Q&A 11:00am - Bye-bye :) === WHO ARE OUR SPEAKERS? === MARCO STRENG: https://twitter.com/Marco_Streng https://www.linkedin.com/in/marco-streng-6491a67b/ https://www.genesis-mining.com/ MARTY BENT: https://twitter.com/MartyBent https://www.gam.ai/ LEO ZHANG: https://twitter.com/Leorzhang https://www.linkedin.com/in/leo-zhang-2615632a/ https://www.aniccaresearch.tech/ MARSHALL LONG: https://twitter.com/OGBTC https://www.linkedin.com/in/marshalllong/ MIKE MALONEY: https://www.linkedin.com/in/blockchain-mike/ https://coinmint.one GEORGE BURKE (host): https://linkedin.com/in/georgeburke https://twitter.com/geoburke https://getportal.co ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RSVP on Eventbrite: https://go.svbtc.org/eventbrite-2020-07 RSVP on Facebook: https://go.svbtc.org/facebook-2020-07

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