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We are conducting a series of meetups on the "how to" nuts and bolts aspects of attracting your crowd to your website and (if you sell stuff other than advertising) how to convert some of your web visitors into prospects for your business.

If what you sell is books, you still need to sell some.

I'm late announcing this series of meetups to this group and I apologize for that.

Once I finish the series, I will start over, so you haven't really missed anything.

This meeting (Mar 18) is on Agile Marketing, which is kind of a silly name of "listen, learn, adapt", but is much easier to do via Inbound Marketing than any other form of marketing I know about.


Keyword Analysis

Content and Publishing

Link Management



Agility: Mon Mar 18th

WordPress settings critical for SEO: Mon Mar 25

When the entire sequence is done, I'll be starting over.

If you want to learn the nuts and bolts of how you do Inbound Marketing, these classes will help.

If you are coming, please RSVP. We plan who gets which room based on anticipated attendance. If you RSVP then decide you are not coming, please un RSVP.

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