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Marketing Mondays - Do something that works and measure the results

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Bill Belew ( will share the highlights of the recent SEO, Content Marketing and Analytics full-day conference held in San Francisco this past week.

Get the latest.

Got a website? Learn how to put it to work for you in this 3rd Monetizing Your Website Meetup.

Did you know that 62% of companies in California do NOT have a web site? What a tremendous opportunity for people who can master Wordpress and online marketing.

Everybody that does have a web site - speakers, small businesses, authors, coaches and such, want more relevant traffic, more real eye balls. That is what we will learn how to do at these weekly Meetups.

Starting on Jan 20th, you will find me,

Bill Belew, (

and members of my team, EVERY Monday night holding a Meetup devoted to marketing that works and can be measured.

Every 3rd Monday of each month will be devoted to improving your public speaking skills. (

Social Media Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, sandwich boards (just kidding!) and how to do marketing right, get real and measurable results is at the heart of this Meetup.

The Meetup is not free. You can pay by the month or by the Meetup. It's cheaper by the month.

A working and growing list of topics that will be covered based on your feedback!

* 5 Ways to Distinguish Yourself in the Blogosphere/On the Internet

* 5 Ways to Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader

* 10 Most Important SEO Considerations for each post

* 20 Best Headline Ideas 5 Ways to Get Legitimate Links to Your Site 5 Ways to Get Your Blog/Web Site Noticed

* 5 Ways to Get more comments/reader interaction on your blog/web site

* 5 Ways to Monetize Your Web Site

* 7 Steps to Get 1 Million Unique Visitors to Your Web Site

* 5 Best Advertising Options for your blog/web site

* 5 Obstacles Every Beginning Blog/Web Site must overcome

* 5 Ways to Never Run Out of Things to Write About

* 5 Ways to Recruit Guest Bloggers/Writers to Your Site

* 5 Must Haves for Every Blog/Web Site

* 5 Considerations to Determine How Frequently You Must Update Your Site

* 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hitting the Publish Button for the First Time

* 5 Considerations for Placing Good Images in Your Posts

* 5 Formatting Considerations for Each Post

* 5 Reasons to Not Waste Time on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn but Not on Google+

* 5 Reasons Search Engine Traffic is Better than Referral Traffic

* 5 Ways to Keep Your Readers Interested in Your Topic

* 5 Ways to Get Your Content Syndicated at Other Blog/Web Sites

* 10 Ways Your Blog/Web Site Can Get You More Work

* 5 Most Important Settings For your Blog/Web Site

* 5 Best Widgets to Use at Your Web Site How I write 15 posts in 3 hours and schedule time to go out over the course of the day

* 5 Steps to Building Your Blog Web Site

* 7 Ways to Re-purpose your blog/web site material and make money, too

* 10 considerations for placing ads on your web site

* 5 Ways to Track Traffic at Your Web Site

* 5 Key Steps to Add Life to Your Blog/Web Site Posts

5 is not a magic number. There will be 5 give or take.

Come, learn, share, take ... but definitely become a better marketer for having attended.