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How Will Cryptocurrency Shake the World?

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Everyone’s heard of crypto currency such as Bitcoin, or Ripple’s RPX. But possibly the most disruptive aspect of crypto currency is the distributed databases that act as the “ledgers” for these systems. These systems can serve as systems of records for transactions of anything, and in any currency…real estate, stock, bonds, gold, currency…in dollars, rubles, or Bitcoin. These systems could profoundly alter the future of commerce globally.

Come hear our panel of experts discuss the likely future for open and permissioned distributed ledgers. How much are the block chain, ripple, or other systems being used today? What do the adoption curves look like and how far out is the inflection point? What real use cases are running on them? Are there any architectural limitations to their scale…could they run all the world’s commerce? How can you invest to profit from these trends? What are potential regulatory issues?

Moderator: Kurt Thams, CTO PayNearMe

Tim Swanson, Researcher and Author
Adam Ludwin, Founder and CEO at Chain
Chris Larsen, Founder and CEO at Ripple
Jake Benson, Founder and CEO at LibraTax

Come join us for drinks and dinner provided by the Manna Japanese food truck! ( )


Curry Rice- Curry sauce served over brown rice with Tonkatsu (breaded pork cutlet)

Donburi - Teriyaki chicken rice bowl topped fried egg & side salad

Chirashi - salmon sashimi and lobster temptation with snow crab meat served over sushi rice

Inari (firm tofu) - curry rice of Donburi server with side salad

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