Comparing and Contrasting Embedded Linux Build Systems and Distributions

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Comparing and Contrasting Embedded Linux Build Systems and Distributions

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We will discuss the various options for creating embedded Linux operating systems. We will provide a basic description of each option, including an overview of the workflow for each choice. The talk will cover the advantages and disadvantages of each of these options and provide viewers with a matrix of design considerations to help them pick the right choice for their design.

We will cover the following options:

Slimmed down desktop distributions (e.g. Debian, Raspbian, Ubuntu)

We will also touch upon other tools, such as crosstool-ng and ucLinux, which are peripherally related to building embedded Linux systems. The focus for this section will be to make the viewers aware of these tools as they frequently come up while researching embedded Linux so that you are better informed which tools are available.

This presentation will help developers understand the options for creating an embedded Linux system. They will be better equipped to decide, for their particular application, which system is appropriate.

Presenter: Drew Moseley

Drew Moseley is currently part of the open source project to deploy OTA software updates to embedded Linux devices. He has worked on embedded projects such as RAID storage controllers, Direct and Network attached storage devices and graphical pagers.

He has spent the last 7 years working in Operating System Professional Services helping customers develop production embedded Linux systems. He has spent his career in embedded software and developer tools and has focused on Embedded Linux and Yocto for about 10 years. He is currently a Customer Engineer at (the company behind the OSS project, helping customers develop safer, more secure connected devices.

Drew has spoken at various conferences, including Embedded Linux Conference, OSCON, Embedded Systems Conference, Texas Linux Fest, and other technology conferences.

He worked previously as a Technical Project Manager and Professional Services Engineer for Mentor Graphics. Previous to that, he has worked with Red Hat, Intel, and Monta Vista Software.