Workshop: The patch process

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The agenda is:

0) Presentation:

Would you like to try bleeding edge features on your machine and learn to be a patch review contributor to the Postgresql development process. We are going to over applying a patch and building Postgresql from source and testing the feature for which the patch implements and thinking of test cases and providing value add feedback to the developer and the community on the actual functionality or behavior of the patch. As well as digging into some code review team. This presentation will show you how to get started and then we will do some hands on work on your own laptop after the presentation.

1) Introduction to patch review process

2) how to create good reviews of PostgreSQL patches

3) Hands on workshop to work on actual patch reviews and get help for newer people from more experienced people.

Everyone should bring a laptop and be familiar with standard Open Source development tools such as git, gcc and Linux.

Melanie Plageman

Melanie is a developer at Pivotal working on Greenplum. She started as a Postgres user, and, after developing a C-language extension for enhanced string formatting, became interested in hacking on Postgres. She currently works on query processing, including Postgres' planner and executor, as well as Pivotal's own open-source optimizer for big data, Orca. She is passionate both about making Greenplum fast and about building the tools and processes to make it easier for new contributors to start hacking on Postgres.

Asim Praveen

Asim is a developer at Pivotal, he works on WAL Replication and related storage and catalog technology based on PostgreSQL for the last 6 years and eager to get more involved in open source community development in the future. In his spare time you find Asim riding is bike or discussing politics with friends.