Kubernetes Best Practices & More


Join us for an evening of food, drinks, networking and talks!

If you have a 10 minute lightning talk or a short demo you'd like to share with the group, let us know so we can get you onto the agenda!

This month's talks include:

Kubernetes Best Practices for Distributed SQL

Join Andrew Nelson, Developer Advocate at YugaByte, for a hands-on presentation on the best practices you should employ when deploying a PostgreSQL-compatible distributed SQL database on Kubernetes. Topics will include best practices and strategies concerning deployment orchestration, persistent storage, scaling and monitoring.

Architecture & Design: How Change Data Capture Works in a Distributed SQL Database

Join Neha Deodhar, Software Engineering Lead at YugaByte, for a deep-dive into what it took to develop a PostgreSQL-compatible Change Data Capture (CDC) system for a distributed SQL database. Topics will include architecture overview, design trade offs, supported scenarios such as Kafka integration and 2 Data Center deployments, guarantees, management and more.