Snowflake + Power BI: Cloud Analytics for Everyone


Learn how Power BI and Snowflake can work together to bring a best-in-class data and analytics experience to your enterprise. You can combine Snowflake’s easy to use, robust, and scalable data platform with Power BI’s data visualization, built-in AI, and collaboration platform to create a data-driven culture for everyone.

Angel Abundez will explain the different analytical methods analysts and developers can use to leverage their data, either from Snowflake or Power BI. He'll review best practices that can help speed up development and optimize performance.

Angel will address the overall architecture of a data analytics system (or hub) so that consumers can gain insights while power users continue to innovate. He'll review infrastructure requirements and how to ensure performance. Finally, he'll discuss security and governance concerns in a sizable deployment.

You'll learn:

* Analytical methods for working with data in Snowflake and/or Power BI
* Typical Snowflake/Power BI architectures
* Best practices for optimized performance
* Governance considerations for End Users, Power Users, and Administrators