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Practical, happy and healthy living requires more play, not more work. A playful perspective helps us experience the ease in which we are able to develop a holistic lifestyle. Through a variety of activities we are excited to provide space and resources for bringing together like-minded individuals to create a community that is curious, gentle, accepting, open and aware. Meetups will include events such as yin, yang and Kundalini yoga, meditation, mindfulness, healing drum circles, powerful breath and energy work, EFT (Tapping), book discussions, essential oils, chanting, and much more! We look forward to having you join us to explore fun and transformative practices leading to awakened empowered living! For more information, please feel free to connect with us. Stephanie's Facebook page @FeelGoodYAM; Jenna's website www.holisticawakeningslv.com.

Upcoming events (5+)

Somatic Yoga Workshop

Holistic Awakenings

Do you suffer from chronic pain and nothing seems to alleviate it? Do you feel stiff and sore constantly and hardly ever comfortable in your own body? Well, Somatic Yoga just might be exactly what you need! Somatics are a very gentle and safe way to ease chronic pain and recover ease of movement in your body by using sensory-motor training exercises. These exercises can help regain awareness, sensation, and motor control of muscles by training the brain how to move and relax the muscles properly. Cost $30 Contact Karen McDaniel Phone:[masked] Email: [masked] RSVP: https://holisticawakenings.com/events

Holistic Fitness and Wellness Program

Holistic Awakenings

Are you tired of working out alone? Are you overwhelmed by countless workout tips? It seems like the decision should be so easy and obvious, yet making such an important commitment is scary to do alone. It feels reassuring to have others surrounding you who are motivated towards their fitness goals of 2020. It feels amazing to be a part of a group of people who are working towards mastering the art and science of healthy living. Are you ready to join a group of people in reaching their 2020 fitness goals? Claim your spot now. In this program, over the course of ten sessions, you will be taught several useful, evidence-based exercises that will transform your health, including: *Mindfulness and Breathing exercises *Posture and body alignment exercises *Best practices for warming up and cooling down *Fundamental bodyweight exercises, with easier and harder versions *Tips for creating your own workout schedule Each session builds on the previous one. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you sign up for the entire program. Sign up now before spots are filled, or before the price increases. Individual lessons are $40.00, and the entire program is discounted at $329.00. Contact: Ryan Carsey, Bodyweight Strength Personal Trainer Phone:[masked] Email: [masked] RSVP: https://holisticawakenings.com/events/

Yoga for Personal Progress

Holistic Awakenings

Are you tired of struggling to feel safe in your body? Do you feel trapped in your own skin? Do you want to feel better, but you’re wondering what the next step is? How you feel in your body and how you feel about yourself affects your job, your personal life and every aspect of your wellbeing! It is time for you to take the next step on your journey!! Trauma sensitive yoga is designed to help participants feel safe and supported while exploring what their body is capable of. This practice is appropriate for all ability levels, and will help connect body, mind and spirit to help YOU find YOUR power! This workshop will be offered monthly, join in at any time. Join Amanda Tressler, CYT200 for a trauma sensitive yoga practice. Call[masked] for more information or with questions! Cost $20 RSVP: https://holisticawakenings.com/events/

Monthly Restore and Reset

Holistic Awakenings

Monthly Restore and Reset Stress bogging you down? Do you have trouble taking time for yourself and making your needs count? Do the words “self-care” have zero meaning in your life? If we don’t care for ourselves everything in our lives becomes more difficult and challenging. Are you ready to change all of that? Reiki and Restorative class is what you’re looking for. Class will consist of fully supported restorative yoga poses accessible for every body and specialized reiki passed to each participant. Reiki is a gentle form of energy healing that benefits mind, body and soul. Combined with restorative yoga poses it creates a combination of relaxation and restoration that will make you feel like a new, more relaxed, version of yourself! Join Amanda Tressler, CYT200 for this beautiful experience. $40 per participant. Class is appropriate for all levels. Please call[masked] with any questions. RSVP: https://holisticawakenings.com/events/

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Women’s Empowerment Workshop

Holistic Awakenings

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