Discovering Peace in a Busy World


Do you have a monkey mind…where the thoughts just keep bouncing around inside like a tree full of monkeys playing? Are you constantly on auto pilot? Always worrying? Can’t calm your mind? these feelings contribute to stress, which leads to irritability, sleeping problems, difficulty concentrating, physical pain, and even feelings of sadness and anxiety.

You are not alone. The American Psychological Association reports that 48%of Americans have reported a significant rise in their stress in the past five years. This can have serious impacts on health, relationships, and work. it’s not too late…Learn to take control of your life, improve your health, and feel calmer! Mindfulness and meditation have been shown to reduce stress, decrease physical pain, improve memory and focus, and so much more.

Kim and Jenna have over 37 years of experience as mental health counselors and will guide you through a calming evening of discovering inner peace, quieting the mind, and deep relaxation. This monthly class will offer time to experience a variety of meditation and Mindfulness practices that will help you find stillness in the moment.

Learn how to use these practices at home so you can continue to experience the many benefits of connecting to a deep inner calmness. No experience needed so join us for one or all of the classes to cultivate your inner peace!

Cost $15