Feb 2018 Meetup

This is a past event

122 people went

Marina one West Tower

9 Straits View 018937 · Singapore

How to find us

Grab office 22 floor, lift entrance on 3rd floor

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Hi, everyone. We are very excited to announce First Android in Asia meetup in 2018 with an awesome lineup of talks and presentations.

Thanks to our Sponsor/s
“The next Android in Asia meetup is sponsored by AppCoins, a new blockchain-based protocol that has the goal of improving and making app store transactions more efficient. Find out more here: https://appcoins.io/."
AppCoins (https://appcoins.io) - supercharged app store protocol


7:00pm Social & Refreshments
7:20pm Presentation - AppCoins - supercharged app store protocol by Tiago Costa Alves
7:50pm Presentation - Let's make it fast by Denis Nek
8:20pm Presentation - Underused features of Dagger 2 by Kiril Boyarshinov

AppCoins - supercharged app store protocol by Tiago Costa Alves
AppCoins is a supercharged blockchain-based protocol for app stores.
It aims to use blockchain technology and smart contracts to solve current problems in the app economy by eliminating intermediaries.
Serving over 200 million active users, AppCoins will become the new currency in the app economy.

*Let’s make it fast.* by Denis Nek

After adding many third-party libraries your codebase became loooooong building heap of thousands dependencies? We will consider techniques how to improve readability of your codebase, increase build time and make you teammates happy.
#dagger #databinding #kapt #gradle #architecture

*Underused features of Dagger 2* by Kirill Boyarshinov

Dagger 2 is not a simple library to grasp and many of its features are not really well known or widely used. However, some of them may help optimize memory usage, speed of building dependencies graph or even break down project into smaller submodules. The talk will cover techniques and use cases that make use of all Dagger 2 feature set.